Divorced part two

Austin just stared at you in shock, guilt spread across his face.

"What?" you said placing your son down from your grasp.

"Leave him with me....please" he said

"No you should have thought of that before you made me sign the divorce papers!" you shouted.

"WHY AUSTIN!" you yelled again "just don't, leave him" you continued

"His my son too (Y/N)" Austin said

"Oh please" you spoke then walked passed Austin and took your son's hand

"(Y/N)!" Austin shouted your name

But you didn't say anything, you just walked on and the tears poured down you face again. You and your son are family how could Austin just want your son and not you? Doesn't he care about you anymore?

That night you didn't sleep and so did your son. Every 5 min he'd be crying

"I want daddy"

"Mommy whens daddy coming home"

"Daddy where are you?"

Every word crushed your heart, seeing your son like this

You hushed him to sleep and sung him a lullaby

"I want daddy too" you said as you tucked your son in your bed and laid down beside him

"Did daddy leave us" he said in a cute sleepy voice.

"No daddy isn't going to leave us" you said and soon enough you found yourself crying too

Your son held out his hands and wiped the tears away, just like Austin would have done

It was 3am in the morning and your son was up again asking for his father. They were so close, went and bought the same sneakers together, sung and danced, went out a lot together too; he missed that and so did you

So you turned on the lamp and dialled Austin's number on your phone.



"Sorry for calling so early" you said

"Nah its ok, are you ok? How's (your son's name) are you's ok?"

"Were fine, it's (your son's name) he really misses you and he won't stop crying" you said

"Can I bring him over?" you continued

"Sure come now"

"Ok see you in 10" you said and hung up the phone

"Guess what little buddy where going to see daddy!" you said to your son and a huge smile appeared on his face. You got changed but left your son his PJ'S just in case he wanted to stay the night. You's got in the car and made your way to Austin's place.

*at Austin's front door*

You knocked on the door and soon later Austin opened the door.


"Hi" you said awkwardly

"Daddy!" your son said happily and hugged Austin

"His very excited to see you, don't leave him too" you said remembering that you's were divorced.

"(Y/N) I never mea-"Austin said then stopped

"Bye, I'll come pick him up in the morning, I'll be going now" you said turning around heading towards your car.

"(Y/N) stop" Austin called out

"Stay the night.....please, it's dangerous at night something could happen to you." Austin said coming closer to you and holding your hand

"Please" he insisted

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