I have a felling this imagine is pretty cheesy, but it’s for you hopeless romantics who melt at the sight of anything love related ;)

Austin was going to be leaving on tour tomorrow and so tonight would be the last night you had together. He had told you that you were going to go out for dinner and to wear something nice. You were a little disappointed that on the last night you had together all you were doing was going out to dinner but at least you would be going out with Austin. He came to pick you up at 7. You opened the door to a very handsome Austin standing there in a tuxedo with a dozen roses in his hands. He handed you the roses and then offered you his arm, “This way my lady” he said smiling. He led you outside where a black stretch limo was waiting for you. “Oh Austin,” you sighed “you didn’t have to do this! I’m happy to just be with you.” “But it’s our last night together before I leave for 3 months I want it to be the most romantic evening you have ever had.” You climbed into the limo which Austin had obviously decorated beforehand. There were rose petals scattered everywhere and little gifts that would remind you of Austin while he was away. One of his beanies, his yellow Trukfit shirt, a picture of the two of you, a locket with his picture inside, a teddy bear sprayed with his cologne, his softest sweatshirt, a list of all the reasons he loved you and a little tape that was just him talking about the things he loves about you. “Oh my gosh Austin this is amazing!” You breathed taking in everything he had so carefully arranged. “Like I said I want this to be perfect, you don’t deserve anything other than that.” Just as you had finished looking at all of his gifts you arrived at a little pizza place. This wasn’t exactly the fancy restaurant you had imagined for your last dinner but you weren’t going to say anything. Austin looked at you and laughed at your face as you were trying to hide the disappointment “Don’t worry babe this isn’t it” he said but you weren’t so sure since he was leading you inside. He led you to the back where there was an old set of stairs leading to the roof. You climbed up them with Austin behind you. Once you were out on the roof you realized how magical it was. Austin had transformed this old roof into a beautiful romantic place for dinner. There were candles set up everywhere including two big candles on the little table he had arranged. It was all set with fancy silverware and plates. Austin must have spent all day cooking for this because on your plates was (I have no clue what food you like so just pretend he cooked your favourite meal :P). “Well…do you like it?” Austin asked looking at you. You just smiled and pulled him into a deep passionate kiss. “Austin this is the sweetest most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me, thank you so much, it’s perfect.” He led you to the table and you enjoyed a beautiful candle lit dinner below the stars. It was the perfect last day together.

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