Imagine sitting down on your study table studying. When you feel two hands glide beside your waist, which made you jump a little. "Austin it's you, you scared me" you say to him. Austin smiles, then kisses you gently on your neck. "I'm horny...." He says seductively, "come to bed with me..." He continued "not now....I'm studying," you said, while typing notes down. Austin kept kissing your neck, and he whispered dirty things to you. But you weren't going to give in "clark can't keep still" he said still kissing you passionately, while rubbing his hands on your thighs. "Austin stop, not now babes I have to study."You say moving your neck away from Austin's lips. He picks you up and carries you to the bed, then places you down. Lets just say you never finished to rest of your studying 😉


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