It was Valentines day. You had made Austin promise not to do anything to big for you, he always was very romantic and although it was sweet and you loved it you didn’t want him to have to worry about it. You were fine with just having a relaxing day with him, nothing special. Austin wasn’t going to be there that morning, he had some work today on the new album but he promised he would be back around lunch time. You got up and went downstairs. Sitting on the table was a heart made of rose petals, in the middle was a little note that said: To my sweet (Y/N), I love you more then words can say. Happy Valentines day! Now search the house and find the teddy bear! So much for not doing anything big this year You thought to yourself but you didn’t really care, this was sweet. You looked in every room and finally when you went downstairs to your office did you see the gigantic teddy bear sitting on the floor. Embroidered on it’s chest it said: You found me! Good job, now go to the park and follow the string. You looked at it puzzled but decided you would figure it out when you got to the park. You pulled off into the little parking lot next to the little public park. You knew immediately what Austin meant by follow the string when you got there because there was rope strung from tree to tree with little notes on the string. You walked under the rope reaching up to grab the notes. The first little sticky note said: I could get lost in your beautiful brown eyes for hours. The second said: My heart skips a beat when your around. The third read: Every word that comes out of my mouth I said to impress you. The fourth was: You are perfect in every way. And the fifth and final note said: Please don’t leave me alone today. It had a little arrow on it pointing forward because this is where the string stopped. You walked straight and then you saw what Austin had set up. There was a picnic blanket spread out on the ground and a beautiful dinner lay on top of it with all your favorite foods. Rose petals were scattered everywhere and little paper hearts hung from every tree and different lengths. Austin stood by it all holding a single rose for you and wearing a tux. He came over to you and grabbed your hands “I know we said nothing big but I wanted to show you how much you mean to me (Y/N)! I would be nothing without you.” He leaned in and kissed you softly it was perfect.

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