Austin comes back from soccer ⚽training, and its raining outside so he was coming home early today. "(Y/N) I'm home" Austin called out to you. So you walked from your room to him at the front door, to be greeted by a very cold and soaking wet Austin. "Woah, your wet" 💧you said to him, before going to the cupboard and grabbing a towel. "Y-y-yeah it's r-r-r-aining and we w-w-were outs-s-side" Austin stuttered. 😁You could see he was very cold. "Nnaww my baby's cold" you said, while tacking off Austin's wet jacket and wrapping the towel to dry him. You walked austin your bedroom, handed him his pyjamas. 👕While austin got changed you went to the kitchen to make him some hot chocolate to warm him up. And added 2 marshmallows, just the way he likes it. You walked up to your room to hand him the chocolate. ☕"Here you go" you say placing the tray down on the bedside table next to him. You were about to turn around and walk back to the kitchen to start dinner, 🍕until austin grabbed your hand to stop you from walking and pulled you closer to him. "Stay with me" He quietly said. "You turned around to see Austin's cute puppy face, you couldn't say no to that, dinner would have to wait "ok for a while" you say while walking to the other side of the bed, and hopping in, cuddling next to Austin. "Baby, I love you" 😘austin said to you with his deep sexy voice, before you felt him slowly drifting off to sleep💤you careful place a soft kiss on his forehead, "I love you too, austin"❤


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