Imagine= Austin goes off to tour

"Did you pack all your bags?" You says bitting you nails worried. "Yes I did stop worrying" austin says as he walks up to you and takes your hand out of your mouth and wraps his hands around your body in a comforting hug. "Im gonna miss you" he says. You start crying, your not good with goodbyes"I'm gonna miss you too" you say through your tears. "Don't cry babe" he said trying to be strong and not cry too. "It's only for 2 months" he continued "ok, don't forgot to Skype or call when you can" you say wiping the tears away from your face. "I'll be back before the baby is due" Austin says as he runs his hand on your tummy "I love you so much" he says kissing you for the last time. "I love you too" you say as austin picks up his bags and leaves through the door...

Sorry it's short :( I ran out of ideas

Any requests??

Feedback? How are my imagines?

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