You and Austin were just in a fight, and he was so mad that he stormed out of the house. "i never I want to see you again!" you remember your self screaming at him. You laid hugging the teddy bear that he gave you on your bed. At the time you were angry and hurt, nothing made sense. Austin didn't cheat on you, maybe i'm jealous, and maybe i shouldn't jump to conclusions. Austin did look really upset when you said you thought he did cheat on you. Next time you'll take his word when he says he'll never cheat on you. It was 11:30 and he still wasn't home. You were getting worried that he wasn't coming home. You cuddled the teddy bear and cried your eyes out, regretting every word you said. You walked to the bathroom and took out a razor and started cutting your self. Blood dripped from your arm and on to the floor. You've always cut so your used to the pain. Each cut got deeper than the last. You heard the front door open and the keys land on the was Austin

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