You were going to a club with austin, your usual Friday night, go out and have fun. Austin warned you about the guys that were going to be there. He was always protective over you. "And if someone dares lay a hand on you, they'll be dealing with me!" Austin says. It's cute but, your capable of taking care of your self, he says it's because he loves you and doesn't want you to get hurt. "I know I know, I'll keep close to you" you say assuring him. When yours arrive at the club, austin holds your hand and tells you to keep close. For the first 10mins you danced with Austin and hanged around your friends that were there. At the corner of your eye you caught a glimpse of your ex, he was bad news. Austin said that the next time he saw him he was going to bash the hell out if him, cause he abused you a lot. Austin came to you and kissed you on the cheek "hey babe you ok, you look like you've seen a ghost" Austin said "nah I'm ok, c-can we go now, it's getting late, and I'm tired" you answer quietly looking away from your ex. "it's still early, did some one say something to you?" Austin says looking at you "nah it's nothing, lets go" so say grabbing Austin's arm and leading him to the door. Your ex walks up to you and grabs you by the waist "Jordan don't touch me" you say releasing yourself form his grip. Austin moves you away and punches your ex right across the face "don't you dare touch my girlfriend. Your ex takes no chances and punches austin back, by now austin and your ex were all up in each others faces. "No austin stop his not worth it" you yell to him, trying to move austin away " is this the guy that beat you up? Well now it's his turn!" Austin had a cut on his lip and a scratch mark on the side of his arm, your ex well lets say he was going to die today, austin took the hell out of him! Soon later the security guard came and broke up the fight. Before yous left the club austin through one last punch at your ex and warned him "don't you ever lay a hand on her again!" You and austin got in the car, the whole way home you didn't talk to him cause you were upset about the fight, your ex wasn't worth it. "You know you can't ignore me for long" Austin says as he pulls up in the drive way. You don't answer and get out if the car and enter your apartment. When Austin takes off his shirt you see the scratch mark and it looks really bad so you get the first aid kit to clean it up. As you wipe away the blood, you couldn't help but stare at his toned body. "(Y/N) talk to me" Austin says, "why'd you do it, you could have gotten seriously hurt" you say waking to the bed and sitting on it. "I did it because I love you and to show your ex that what he's done in the past isn't right" Austin says walking to you and sitting besides you on the bed. He carefully places a kiss on your cheek. "I know you do, but next time when you do get in a fight let me. Pget some of the action!" Say while you hit austin with a pillow on your bed . "Hahahaha ok" Austin answers, while hitting you back lightly with the pillow. Which then after you little pillow fight,leads to you lying on your back and austin hovered above you. "I love you (Y/N)" Austin says then slowly leaned in and kissed you on the lips.


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