It’s the first time your husband, Austin has had to leave for tour since  your daughter has been born, and he's having a hard time saying goodbye. "call me if she starts walking, talking or crawling or whatever...please!" Austin says to you. "Austin...she's 3 months old!" you reply with a laugh. "But she's a genius baby...i can tell already." Austin argues, gazing down at his little girl that lay curled up in your arms. "ok, I'll let you know If anything monumental happens.  I promise." you assure him. "don’t  do anything too exciting without me, ok?" Austin says to your baby. "And I'll Skype as often as I can. "Austin, I know she's a genius baby, but I still think learning  to work a computer won't come until she's at least 5 months old…" you tease. Austin smiles and kisses you on the lips. "I was talking to you , babe. I'm going  to miss seeing your gorgeous face every morning too. I love you both. "he kisses your daughter quickly on the cheek, before giving you one last tearful smile and turning to get on the tour bus. You take your baby's tiny hand and make her wave to Austin. "say bye daddy, "you whisper to her. "we're going to miss him


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