Warning: the chapter contains explicit sexual content and foul language. If you are a reader under the age of 14 I advise you not to read any further but if you want to do not say you have not been warned! i hope you like it and that it isnt too much comment if you want more like these- it was fun and so uncomfortable for me writing this for you :)


You and Austin had decided to go to the beach together. It was very crowded there that day so Austin had to take a lot of pictures with fans, finally people were leaving you alone so you and Austin went into the water. You were just fooling around, having splash fights, swimming and enjoying yourself when Austin pulled you in for a hug. You started kissing and then the kissing led to making out, he kissed up and down your neck each time getting closer and closer to your chest. You loved this but you were in public, “Austin not here” you whispered. He groaned and stopped, you could feel the bulge that had grown in his swimming trunks. You didn’t want to turn him on and then not let him have some fun so you leaned in close to his ear and said, “You know I saw some little rocky coves over on the less crowded side of this beach, I’m sure we could find a private place were no one could find us…” you said smiling up at him. “Oh you naughty naughty girl,” he said smacking your butt as you made your way out of the water. You tried to act like you were just going for a walk so people wouldn’t follow, luckily no one noticed so you didn’t have any followers. Once you were out of sight from everyone and in the shelter of a little rock cave like thing Austin tackled you down onto the ground. He immediately removed your skimpy bikini, not able to wait any longer then he had too. You pulled off his swim suit and got a firm grip on his dick, you pulled up and down on it, wanting to give him the most pleasure possible. Austin slid his hand down to your pussy and rubbed your clit in circular motions driving you mad. He adjusted so that his thumb was on your clit and his fingers had a clear shot into your cilt, you shuddered with pleasure as he slipped his long fingers into you. He finger fucked you fast, your jerking grew faster as he did. Your kiss became more fierce, his tongue was strong against yours, lips powerful. Austin was dominate when it came to sex. Austin always made you feel amazing and you wanted to give him a special treat so you pulled Austin up and then you got down in the sand on your knees. You kissed the top of his dick and slowly encased the whole thing in your warm mouth. He moaned shocked that you were doing this and filled with desire. You went down as far as you could on it, almost succeeding in fitting the whole thing in your mouth. “Oooo (Y/N)” he moaned overcome with lust. He put a hand on the back of your head, maneuvering you around his gigantic dick. You chocked a little and let it fall out of your mouth with a pop. Austin scooped you up and you wrapped your legs around his stomach and your arms around his neck, he grabbed his cock and plunged it into you. He kept holding on to you, bouncing you up and down on him. You moaned as he continued with this ruff sex. Finally Austin let you down and you knelt down once again in front of him. You grabbed him and gave him three quick tugs before he groaned and his hot load came flying at you, splattering all over you boobs and face. You licked your lips and smiled up at him. He lifted you up and ran into the ocean with you. You spent the rest of the beach day naked just enjoying the time together.


                 ~*~*~*~*                                                                                                                                wow was that alot to take in or what? hope you liked it and it didnt make you want to puke like me

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