"thanks for picking me up". You smile at Austin as you get in to his car and place your bag in the ground. "your welcome" he replies sweetly and kisses you softly on the cheek. "c-can we go now? You whisper quickly as your face turns pale. "what's wrong (Y/N)" Austin asks worryingly. "lets just go." you say in a flash looking past Austin to outside the window. Austin looks back behind him an see's what your talking about. "is that him?" his voice tenses as he looks back at you. "yeah", you sigh to your self,  "lets just go, its alright" you say "its not alright- your ex boyfriend used you and sometimes abused you, I'm not letting this go". Austin says in a sturdy tone a she stares at you straight in the eyes. Before you can do anything, he opens the car door and leaves. Austin starts walking towards your ex. "hey  you" Austin snaps as stands in front of your ex crossed across his chest making his biceps bulge. "and who  might you be?" your ex tries to make a smart remark. " I am your hell for as long as you live, learn my face and stay away from me and (Y/N). If you don't you'll get what you deserve." Austin warns and pokes your ex in the chest once before turning around and heading back to the car.

"you know you didn't have to do that?" you said to him in a worried voice

"I know but I wanted him to get the message, that you moved on now and your with me" he said coming closer to you cupping your cheek

"I love you (Y/N) and I don't want him to hurt you" he says

"I love you too" you say as you lean in and kiss him on the lips

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