"Just stay the night please" Austin said

You wanted too but what if the press finds out what are they going to say?

A cold wind blew and you weren't wearing a long sleeve tee

"Please see your cold" he said when he saw you hugging yourself

"o-o-ok just the night" you agreed as Austin walked you inside and your son followed

In Austin's arms your son slept, Austin was always good with kids, he loved them and they loved him.

Austin placed your son down on his bed and placed a blanket on his delicate body, you watched from the door and it reminded you of the old days, the ones you'd do anything to go back too. Austin walked to his cupboard and took out one of his trackies and jumper, and handed it to you.

"Here sleep with this, it's nothing but it'll keep you warm for the night" he said quietly trying not to wake your son up

"Thanks" you replied back politely

"While you get changed I'll go get you a blanket" he said

So you went to the bathroom to go get changed, the trackies and jumper smelt like Austin, plus they were 10 sizes bigger.

You walked out and saw that Austin set the spare bed for you in the study

"Thanks" you said getting into the bed

"No worries I still care, just know that" Austin said before shutting the light and walking to his bedroom.

You couldn't sleep, you just stayed up listening to the sound of the rain falling, and then the thunder started. You never liked thunder it spooks you every time. A lightening hit and this one scared you, which made you get up and your heart started thumping. The blanket fell on the floor and soon you were shivering again. So you got up and walked to Austin's room quietly and hopped in bed with Austin and your son, it felt comforting and soothing you felt like a family again.

"Couldn't sleep?" a deep raspy voice was heard from behind you.

You got startled a little. "Yeah....the storm outside" you said to Austin

One of his hands glided across the covers and made their way around your waist. You moved back a little closer to Austin so you were now enclosed in a comforting back hug from Austin. He ran his fingers through your hair soothing you, it was relaxing.

The silence broke and tension filled the air

"Why'd you leave what happened between us?" you said quietly

It took some time for Austin to answer, was he thinking of a lie?

"Don't act like you don't know" he said with a tone of attitude to his voice

"I don't...... I'm not little miss know it all" you said returning the attitude back

"It's the dude that works at the studio, what's his name......Justin! "

"Yeah what about him?" you said wondering

"you seem to like him more than me, every day at the studio you.........I couldn't stand watching you with him, It felt as if you didn't love me anymore, and that time when he nearly tried to kiss you, it broke me" Austin said and his voice started to crack at the end.

"It breaks my heart seeing you even look at him, you never told me not to worry about it, and so it seemed that you never cared about me" Austin continued

It only just occurred to you now, Austin was hurt too, and you were too blind to see it

"I'm sorry Austin, I never meant to hurt you I-I-I-I love you, and you know that, I'm sorry, I only see Justin as a friend" you said feeling Austin's pain, cause one day you were in the same spot as Austin you thought he didn't love you, but he said that loves YOU and he'd never leave you, but you didn't do that to Austin.....you made him feel unloved. As you thought in your head tears ran down your face, tears of guilt wanting you to forgive.

"I'm sorry Austin I never knew" you said and it was obvious that you were crying hard.

"I love you id never leave you" you said turning around hugging Austin and held tight.

"I didn't know what to think, I thought you stopped loving me, seeing you with Justin tore me apart, I had to get away from that, and I'll admit it I was jealous"

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