You and Austin had been dating for a while now, you thought it was going really well but lately Austin had been disappearing for hours and making up lame excuses for why he had been gone. You often caught him lying but you hadn’t brought it up to him yet. You were worried you were overreacting and he would get upset for you being paranoid. You were going to wait until you knew everything before you confronted him. Austin was late coming home from rehearsal again. You couldn’t help but be upset about it. You were so stressed out about it all you had stopped eating and even started cutting yourself on occasion. You locked yourself in the bathroom and ran a hot shower. You stepped in and went over all the reasons Austin might be cheating on you. Most of them had to do with your personal appearance which just made you more upset. You loved Austin with all your heart, you thought he loved you back but maybe not. Maybe you were just the decoy so the world wouldn’t know he was hooking up with some cheap whore. That thought drove you over the edge and you exploded into tears. Austin was your life right now and it was possible that he didn’t even love you. You sank down, sitting under the hot water, letting it wash away the sadness. You finished your shower and got out, there was a text from Austin, “Sorry I’m late, we got held up at the studio” it said. Of course you did, just like how you got held up every other night of the week you thought bitterly. You called Alex to see if what Austin was saying was true. Alex answered after the second ring “Hello” he said in his deep voice. “Hey Alex, did Austin get held up at the studio” you asked blatantly not wanting to dance around the subject. ”Urm as far as I know he left.” He said sounding confused. You sighed deeply “Thanks Alex” you said softly hanging up the phone. About an hour later Austin came through the door. Tonight was the night you were going to say something. “Austin, we need to talk” You said using a stern tone. He looked up at you surprised by your seriousness “What is it love?” He asked innocently. “I know you have been lying to me about where your going every night, you aren’t staying late at the studio, you aren’t hanging out with anyone, your cheating on me.” Austin looked at you speechless, surprised but what you had just said. You took his silence to mean that what you had just said was true. You looked at him, disgust filling your eyes and overflowing as tears. You made a mad dash to the door, wanting to escape before he saw you fully cry. Austin came running after you and grabbed (Y/N), the last thing I would want to do is cheat on you. I admit it, one night I was drunk and I kissed a girl but it was the biggest mistake of my life! I have been coming home late because I have been too guilty to face you. It kills me to see you this upset, to see what your doing to yourself but it kills me more to know that I caused this. I understand if you never want to see me again but the bottom line is that I love you. You are my everything (Y/N) and if you could find it in your heart to forgive me it would mean the world to me.” You couldn’t stay mad at him, you rushed into his arms, crying on his shoulder. “Please promise you will never scare me like that again Austin” you begged “I promise” he whispered while stroking your hair.

I hope you like it love xx

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