The day is nearly over and you still can’t believe that Austin has forgotten your one year wedding anniversary. One year together, so many more to come, so many ups and downs. This should be important to Austin as well; it is your life together not yours or his. You hear the bath being filled up with water. “oh so his going to take a bath now are we” you say to yourself. He really has forgotten. “Babe!” Austin calls from upstairs. “Coming” you shout back as you put down the magazine you were reading. Going up the stairs, you wonder where Austin is. Seeing a warm glow of light form behind the bathroom door. You decide to go and investigate what it is. “Surprise!” Austin says cheekily as you walk through the door. “happy anniversary”. He hands you a bouquet of gorgeous of red roses. “I thought you forgot” you smile up at him as a happy tear rolls down your cheek. “no babe never” sorry to keep you in such a state but I hope it’s worth it” Austin steps aside to reveal a warm bubble bath with champagne glasses and champagne. And some delicious snakes like chocolate covered strawberries. “This is amazing” you gasp as you set down the roses. “I hope it’s hot” Austin says as he starts to take off his clothes to hop in. you can’t help but stare. You do the same and take off your clothes and lower yourself in to the water after Austin, opposite him” this is so nice” you sigh happily as you tie you hair up in a bun. “Happy one year, babe. It’s been amazing.” Austin pours  a glass of champagne for your himself and gives you one along with a peck on the lips.

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