You had been out late last night so by the time you woke up it was almost time for lunch. You got up qhalf asleep and went downstairs to find Austin. You heard him talking to someone on the phone in the kitchen so you sleepily walked down towards him. You were about to go in but you heard your name so you stopped and listened. You could tell it was Alex on the other line because Austin had him on speaker. “But you like (Y/N) right?” Austin asked. “Yes Austin, I have said this a million times, I said it when I first met her, I said it after you came back from your first date when you asked, I said it a few days ago because you kept asking. I like her, I think she’s a cool girl and I think she’s a good match for you.” Alex said sounding kind of bored on the other line. “OK, good because well, I was umm thinking of proposing but only if you think it’s a good idea.” Austin said. You couldn’t believe what you had just heard. Austin proposing?! You loved Austin so much and you had often thought you wanted to settle down with him but you never knew if he felt the same. You smiled and continued to listen. “Marry her? Way to go Austin, so I guess you really like this girl?” Alex said becoming more interested. “Ya, I really do. I can’t even think of spending my life with someone else so I thought I would propose. Do you think the rest of the boys would be ok with it?” “Austin, this is your marriage not theirs so don’t worry about them, but I’m sure they would be fine with it anyways, they like (Y/N) too. So when are you going to do it?” You ran back upstairs, you didn’t want to know his plans, you wanted that to still be a surprise.

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