It was your birthday today and you didn’t want Austin to through a lot of trouble preparing it, but you knew as much as you told him not to do anything he would, so you acted as if you didn’t know it was your B’day. Austin was in the kitchen making breakfast, but it didn’t seem as if it was your usual breakfast together.

 There were flowers in a vase; pancakes were beautifully decorated with whipped cream and strawberries. You walked up to him “austin, what’s all of this?” you asked suspiciously, but you knew exactly what was going on. “Breakfast…” he said, while a smirk creeped up on his lips. “Ok, well can you tell me why there are about 10 dozen vases of roses on the lounge room?” you said pointing to the roses.” I don’t know, they were here when I woke up” he said. “Riighhtt….” You say coming closer to him. “Austin…’re lying, I know exactly what you’re doing, so stop, and I don’t want you going through all this trouble on me” you continued

“And I’m surprised you haven’t burned down the house ye-“ you sentence got cut short, as Austin’s lips crashed to yours “ happy birthday princesses” he said smiling “you caught me” he added “yeah you’re not much of a liar are you?” you said playfully punching the side of his arm.

“I have a big day set up for you today” he said you were about to open your mouth until he said “And no buts, come have breakfast then go get changed, I brought you that dress from  Victoria secret that you wanted” he said

“Omg Austin you didn’t have too” you said hugging him

“I did, anything for my princess” he said kissing you on top of your head

“Happy birthday”

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