You loved Austin with all your heart so this was the hardest decision you had ever made. You were going to break up with him today. It’s not like you wanted to but you thought he was in love with another girl. You had been drifting apart lately and you worried that it was because he was interested in someone else. As much as it hurt you, you just wanted Austin to be happy and if the only way that could happen was if he was dating someone else then so be it. Today you were going to set him free. He would be home any minute now. You sat down on the couch and took a deep breath, preparing yourself for the words you were about to say. You figured he wouldn’t even be upset, he might even be thankful towards you. This is what had to happen. Your thoughts were interrupted when the door swung open, you started to shake slightly. Austin walked through the door and kissed you, he noticed you were shaking and looked at curiously. “Are you cold or something princess?” He asked as he sat down on the other couch so he could stretch out. “No, I’m ok but we have to talk Austin” you said, dreading what you were going to say next. “What is it?” He asked looking over at you. You looked down at the floor, not wanting to face him so he wouldn’t’ see your tears. “I just think we should break up…” you mumbled. Austin looked at you in shock. He sat straight up and just stared. “No no no no no no,” he said “You can’t do this (Y/N)! I can’t go on without you! Please no, I will do anything so you will love me again, just say anything and I will do it just don’t leave me.” Austin was close to tears. This reaction shocked you, you thought he would be happy. “I thought you wanted to break up, I thought you were in love with someone else.” Suddenly that sounded stupid to you. Austin came over and hugged you. “Not at all! I would never want to break up, I’m in love with you, I will never love someone else. Please never say that to me again!” You kissed him, glad that he still loved you.

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