Small fight- Austin desperately needs you

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Small fight- Austin desperately needs you

You looked at your phone and it was the 7th call from him. Your eyebrows frowned “Omg stop calling me I said it was over! “ You quietly said to yourself. As much as you had the urge to pick up, apologies and forget everything that happened, and what Austin Did. He still lied and he promised that he’d never; it would hurt to tell the truth.

Lying in bed with the cover up to your chin you laid there thinking about your fight, and that how it should have never happened. Austin walked out of the house, well you pushed him, as he tried to repelled you, the tear running down his face “no (Y/N) don’t leave me I’m sorry” he cried out, “no austin I said it was over! Now leave” you remember saying shutting the door in his face.

 God knows where he is now. “Forget about us Austin! Were done!” you remember yourself screaming; now you regretted it. “I can’t forget us (Y/N) your everything to me, I love you” Austin pleading to you, face covered in tears. It was true there was no way you’s could forget each other.

*ring ring* your phoned buzzed, it was Alex



“What happened? Austin’s broken”

“We fought, he lied to me and what do you mean his broken?”

“He’s on the floor crying, shaking saying ‘I can’t forget us’ repeatedly, (Y/N) you know he can’t forget about you’s, and he’s sorry for what he’s done”

As Alex talked tears raced down your face, Austin was hurt and it was all because of you, so what he lied? He did it to protect you.

“Omg Alex what have I done!” You said wiping the tears away and a rush of guilt filled you. “I have to go and see him.”

“Ok please do he’s at my place, you’re lucky he hasn’t killed himself yet” Alex said as you quickly put your hair up in a bun, put a jacket on and headed to the door.

“Ok I’m coming, on my way” you said hanging up

Driving to Alex’s house, tears ran down your face, you wanted Austin’s touch; you wanted him to be happy again, forget everything that has happened and live your happy life again.

As you drove into Alex’s drive way, and walked to his door. Something stopped you. You felt ashamed you couldn’t face Austin, but you had to. As you walked in there was Austin; on the floor cuddled himself rocking back and forth, messy hair, and in tears he was broken. As soon as he saw you his face lit up, you didn’t take any time to wait you quickly hug him and he too wrapped his arms around you. Kisses were exchanged.

“Ok I’ll leave you’s too alone” Alex said before disappearing in to his room

“Omg Austin I’m soo sorry I wasn’t thinking right, I should have never told you to forget about us I should have never acted the way I did. Please forgive me” you said before a water fall of tears raced down your face. Austin’s soft hands wiped them away.

“Don’t scare me like that, I love you so much and I could never forget us.” He said hugging you again.

“I love you so much too Austin” you say as he releases you and wipes the tears away from your face and your hair.

“Don’t ever leave me again”

“I won’t”

I have a feeling that this is a very crappy imagine :/

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