Imagine you were signed up to Rocco too and all the people that were signed to him, including you were at a meeting discussing business stuff

"Sorry I'm late" you said walking into the room, with your head down trying to avoid eye contact with Austin.

"Nah its ok you're just in time" Rocco excused you.

You placed your 3 year old son down on the floor and took out his toys to play with from your bag.

"Ok sit here quietly, mommy's at a very important meeting" you said to him and you place a kiss on his forehead. As your son laid his eyes on Austin he called out "daddy!" and ran to him.

"Daddy I missed you sooo much" he said to Austin with his cute baby voice.

"I missed you too buddy" Austin said to him picking your son up and giving him a hug.

"You didn't come home, mummy's crying everyday" you son said to Austin,

Austin raised his eyebrows at your sons comment "was she?" and you could see he felt a little bad. Austin hated seeing or knowing you were sad or hurt

It's true though you did miss him, you tired not to cry so it didn't show you had to be strong for your son, he doesn't know.

You gently picked your son up to take him back on the floor but he refused, and wanted to stay with Austin.

Now you and Austin have been happily married for 3 years, but 2 months ago Austin called for a divorce. He never said why though. At first you thought it was a joke but it wasn't, since then Austin has been clubbing a lot and drinking. Alex and Robert tried talking to him but he never came through. You were devastated cried yourself to sleep every night hoping he would come home, but he never did.

During the meeting Austin was discussing his new album release and his tour dates and where he'll be touring, so did you. If it wasn't for Rocco you and Austin would have never met. It was love at first sight. After months of dating he finally popped the question, and you said yes.

The meeting finished and you packed up the toys and went to get your son off Austin.

"Come on baby time to go home" you said with your hands out

"No! I wanna stay with daddy!" he said with his eye brows frowned and placed his head on Austin's chest

"Please don't make this hard for me come on" you said

"No!" you son yelled back

"I wanna stay with daddy" he said

"(YN) leave him with me" Austin said looking down at you

You didn't answer

"Come on (your son's name) lets go get ice cream" you said

"Can daddy come?" you son asked

"i-i-i- I don't know" you stuttered

"come on lets go" you said getting a bit annoyed and you took your son off Austin, with your son kicking and screaming as you walked to your car your son cried

"I want daddy!" he cried and said continually and with every word tears poured down your face.

"I want daddy too" you whispered

"(Y/N) leave him, let me spend some time with him, I'll drop him over at your place later" Austin said catching up to you

He came in front of you stopping you on your tracks, he was about to say something but then stopped when you looked up and he saw the tears on your face. Guilt filled his face

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