You and Austin both were laying on the bed together, under the covers. Your head laid on his warm chest, and he leans in and kisses you on the forehead. You turn around so your facing chest to chest and you gently place your lips on his. With this one kiss you can see Austin is turned on. He let out a small moan, indicating he likes it and wants more. The kiss was now passionate and deep. Austin hands ran up and down the side of your body, whilst yours played with his hair. He slowly turns you around so that he's on top of you, his hands then make there way up your shirt. You slowly glide your tongue in his mouth to make the kiss more special. Kissing Austin every time brought butterflies to your stomache, he was the best kisser. He pulled apart and looked at you with his beautiful hazel eyes "i love you (Y/N)" he said with his deep husky voice 😏


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