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The old saying goes 'two stories are better than one' in this case it’s true, how could you have been so blind? Thinking all this time he didn’t love you any more, when he thought the same thing how did you let your life fall part so easily quickly?

"Baby I'm so sorry, I- I never knew, honest, please know that me and Justin are friends and will only ever be friends" you said lifting your head up from the pillow

"I love you so much, you know I’d never hurt you like that, please forgive me and take me back" you said sitting up on the bed legs crossed, bursting into tears

Austin got up too and sat in an upright position facing you, your face cupped by his hand, thumb wiping away the tears that fell.

"You mean it? So it was all a miss understanding? He said lifting your head up

You nodded "honest" you managed to say before breaking down in to tears, realising how idiotic you were for letting this situation happen

You cried hard out thinking that Austin would never take you back, and just realising how stupid you are

He pulled himself up a little more and wrapped his hands around you leaving you in a secure comfortable hug.

"Please don’t leave me, I can’t do it alone' you said

Austin cupped your face making you look at him

"(Y/N) I’ll never let you go EVER I'm sorry this happened, but I don’t know if things will be the same again?" Austin said

"Do you love me?" he asked

 You nodded "from the bottom of my heart"

"Austin got out of bed walked to your side, pulled you out of bed and made you stand there, feet on the cold floor

You faced each other and he held your hand, and then knelt on the floor

"(Y/N) will you please marry me again?" he said looking up at you

You stared at him in surprise

You were speechless and didn’t know what to say, so you stood there smiling jumping up and down,

"Yes! Omg yes yes!  I'll marry you" you screamed in joy

A huge smile spread across his face

Austin got off the floor hugging you and he lifted you spinning you around

"I love you so much (Y/N)" Austin said leaning in ad kissing you

"I missed the taste of your lips" you said smiling before going in and kissing him

He smiled cheekily, placing you back down on your feet

"I missed your smile too" he said hugging you and placing a kiss on your head

Now that you and austin are back together again things might take a while to be back how they were, but it’s that you have each other is what matters and you never go a day without saying "I love you"

I have a feeling this is a very crappy imagine :(

Sorry for they long wait to update I've been busy with packing and everything I'm leaving in three days! Can’t wait!

Which is sad because that means I might not do a lot of imagines regularly, I'll try to find internet (I'm going overseas)

Love ya


I'm running out of ideas so please pleaaase please send me your requests

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