29. Gwangju (2)

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"Because I, Min Yoongi, feels the same way too."

Joohee's brain was finally able to catch up to this situation. She opened her mouth to speak as she feels a hard twist inside her chest.

"What?! No!"

Joohee shake her head when reality hit her that he still have a girlfriend and this doesn't make any sense. Her palms was on his arms, slightly pushing it him farther away.

"Why? Did you perhaps... already move on?!" His heart tighten thinking of that thought. How can she move on after she already have his heart?

"N-No!" She stuttered while looking somewhere else but him. She was too nervous to make an eye contact.
".....you have Jihye."

"I already broke up with her!" Yoongi replied.

"You what??" Joohee felt the pain in her subsided gradually listening to his words.
"But why..."

"Because I don't like her. The one I like is you, stupid."

"Uh...." Joohee's eyes popped out of their sockets and she inevitably froze once again. She didn't know what to say and even if she want to, the words won't come out.

Yoongi broke into an amused chuckle at her reaction. The tip of his fingers reach out her, wanting to caress her cheeks like he always wanted to but

"HWANG JOOHEE, WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?" Her mom barge out of the front door and approaching the two. They quickly parted while awkward looking away from each other.

"Good evening, Mrs. Hwang." Yoongi bow respectfully with a genuine smile.

"Good morning!" She beamed.
"Who are you?"

"Ah mom.... this is.... uh... Hobi's sunbaenim." Joohee nervously told her mom.
"He's also my neighbor... in Seoul."

"Oh the handsome neighbor that you've been praising abou-" Joohee tug on the woman's shirt due to embarrassment and her action made Yoongi laughed.

"What makes you travel all the way over here, sweetie?" She asked out of curiosity.

"I actually..." Yoongi scratch the back of his head from embarrassment.
"... want to see Joohee."

With a red cheek, Joohee quickly turn to her mom before lying, "Yeah! Because I promise him that I will show him around Gwangju."

"Ahh, so that's why. " Her mom nodded with a warm smile.
"Come inside then Yoongi, we have an extra room for you, don't worry!"

"Woh..... is that you mom?" Joohee whispered, she know her mom would never just let any guy inside the house.

"He's handsome, plus his smile is really cute." Her mom murmur back.

"Ah.... another victim that fall for his smile." Jooheee talked to herself.
"Such a dangerous guy."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Hwang." Yoongi shakes her dad's hand before they both settle down on the couch.

"Joohee, why are you hiding in the corner?" Her dad asked.
"Come and say hi to your sunbaenim."

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