36. Graduation

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Song: Graduation Song by fetus Kook, Hobi, and Chim.


Joohee's heart pumped rapidly in her chest as she curled her sweaty fingers into a fist. Beside her were the other members who was there to watch Yoongi and Jin accepting their graduation certificate.

She sighed thinking about how fast the school year goes by. It seems like it was yesterday that she just transfer here and met the rude Yoongi but now they're a couple and he is about to graduate and leave the school.

The group was happy for their two oldest hyung who finally graduate after years of hardwork and struggles but they were disappointed about how they are still stuck in school for a year or more.

From where the hyung sit, Yoongi would frequently turned and smiled at Joohee in the audience seat. Although they seems happy, their heart ached as they thought of how they won't be seeing each other often after this. Who knows Yoongi might even go back to Daegu and get a job there while she stays here in Seoul and study for 2 more years. Both hated the thought of having to live far from each other but who knows what the future would hold for both of them and also the rest of Bts members.

"Now, let us welcome our next graduate, Min Yoongi!"

As Yoongi rise from his seat, cheers and claps can be heard from miles away as if he was a celebrity. On the other, Joohee was the paparazzi who was too busy with taking pictures of him on her camera that she didn't mind about the clapping.

"THAT'S OUR HYUNG!!!!" The Bts guys yelled so loud that all the attention was on them as people laugh about how enthusiastic they are.

"I can't believe someone as lazy as him can graduate university." Namjoon chuckled as he watch his hyung accepting the certificate.

A few other people passes until the announcer finally announced Jin's name.
"Let's welcome the next lovely graduate, Kim Seokjin!"

Cheers and screams errupted in the entire hall as every members of Bts jump up and down excitedly for their oldest hyung. They, along with the audience yelled even louder when Jin did his signature flying kiss. They were so loud that Joohee thought the security might kick them out for disturbing the other audience. Joohee laughed at the guys as she shook her head before going back and clapping for Jin.

Shortly after the ceremony was over, Yoongi and Jin quickly pack up so they can dash outside to meet up with the rest of the group.

As the two walk outside, the first person they see was Jungkook who was holding a really cute cake as the others followed, clapping and singing for the two oldest guys.

"Congratulation! Congratulation!~" Bts members sing the congratulations song, making the other graduates watch enviously.

"Ah hyung." Namjoon groaned while looking at Jin.
"You're gonna left me behind with these idiots now??"

"Yah!" Hobi exclaimed as he hit Namjoon from the back of his head.
"We don't want to be stuck with you either."

"Don't worry hyung!" Taehyung brightly beamed at Yoongi.
"I'll be- I mean we'll be taking care of Joohee when you're not here."

Yoongi give a judgmental look toward Tae before replying, "Who says I wouldn't be here?"

"Well, you're graduating while I'm gonna stuck here in this school for a few more years." Joohee pouted.

"But you have us~" Jimin swung his arm over her shoulders.

Yoongi pushed Jimin aside after as he jumped on her lightly, making sure not to topple the both of them over.
"I'll visit you regularly, don't worry! Plus our apartment is still right next to each other, remember?"

"Um." Joohee was pouting, but she nod anyway.

"Aren't you guys over exaggerating?" Jungkook asked in a slightly annoyed tone.
"I'll be the last one to graduate here."

"Awww poor fetus!" The Bts members teased, making the maknae even more annoyed.

"Anyway, I'm proud of you!~" Yoongi couldn't control the smile forming on his face as those words comes out of her lips as she smiles. To Yoongi, her smile being one of the most sweetest things he has ever seen.

"Then give me a hug to show that you mean it." Yoongi smile cheekily as he open his arms widely, ready to hold her right this instant. Rolling her eyes, Joohee jumped on him and wrapped her arms around him in happiness. His arms wrap around her waist as hers wrap around his neck.

"I really mean it." Joohee said, smiling from ear to ear as she pulled away slightly to look at him.

"Thank you." With his arms still around her, Yoongi lean closer to place a kiss on her forehead.

The two pull away, only to find the Bts members giving them the unamused and judgmental look.

"This is a public place, get a room you two." They said with a dirty look but Yoongi and Joohee laughed in return.


All the head was turn toward the direction that the voice came from and they all smiled in delight to see that it was Yoongi's family: his mother, his father, his older brother, and even his dog Holly.

"Aigoo, our son grow up so fast. I'm so proud of you!" His mother and father pull him in their embrace.

"I thought you guys couldn't make it..." Yoongi said as his dog excitedly wags its tail while clinging on to his leg.

"Sorry we were a bit late, there was traffic on the way here." His brother replied.
"But congrats, dongsaeng!"

"Hello Auntie and Uncle!" Joohee and the rest of the Bts members bowed politely.
"Hello hyung!"

"How is it possible that you guys are even more good looking than the last time I saw you guys?" Yoongi's mom chuckled.

"Aigoo, who's this new face?" His father asked, looking at Joohee.

Joohee was so nervous about seeing Yoongi's family that she froze on the spot and couldn't introduce herself.

"Guys," Yoongi responded as she wrap his arm over her shoulders.
"This is my girlfriend."

"A-ah yes, hello!" She clumsily bowed.

"And she's also...." Yoongi continued.

"Your future daughter-in-law."


Final chapter coming soon!~

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