9. Rain

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"This is so nice." Joohee stared at the cold and gloomy sky from her seat.
"I can't wait to go home and eat ramen in this weather."

"Is all you think about is food?" Hoseok asked with a judgy look.

"Most of the time." She honestly replied.

"I think Joohee might be my long lost sister." Jin raise his hand toward Joohee and she high five it.

"Would you like to get dinner with me then?" Jimin swing his arm over her shoulders.

"How about today?" Jimin winked.

"Oh sur-"

"No." Hobi hit Jimin's head with a spoon.
"Yah we're eating, your wink make me want to barf."

"I just ate lunch but I can't swallow it because of you." Taehyung commented.

"Ow hyung!" Poor Jimin massaged his head, "That hurts!"

"Hey, it's been a long time that we haven't hang out together." Namjoon changed the topic.
"And we didn't even take Joohee anywhere since she first came to Seoul."

"Noona, is there a place you would like to go?" Jungkook asked.

"Somewhere where there's food." Suga answered for her.

"Wow sunbae, you know me so well." Joohee smiled.

"I think everybody know that though." Hobi added.

"When shall we go?" Seokjin asked

"This weekend!"


"Wow...... it's raining cats and dogs out here." One of my classmate said as we walk out of our lecture room. Through the door of the hall, we could see the downpour outside.

"Ahhh~ did you guys smell that?" I asked. The smell of rain is one of my favorite smell of all time, it's just so refreshing.
"So nice!"

"Spicy rice cakes and ramen would be so perfect for this weather." The girl said.

"Hey Joohee, do you want to go eat with us today?" They asked.
"You should! It's been so long we haven't eat together."

"Sure!" I quickly nodded.

"Joohee, you should invite Hoseok oppa too!"

Umh not a bad idea considering that Hoseok is pretty friendly. I'm sure Hoseok will definitely say yes.

"Yeah, I'll ask him to come along." I replied before taking my phone out and text the angel of hopeu to see if he wanted to come or not. Instantly, I got a text back from him with a thumbs up emoji.

"He said yes." I told them and they squeal so loud I'm sure the people up in North Korea can hear it.

"Alright I'll go get my car ready! I'll text you the address of the place we'll meet up!" They bid me a goodbye with a widen smile on their face.

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