28. Gwangju (1)

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I go through my stuff, doing last minute check-ups, re-inspecting my backpack in case I forgot to pack something important that could have been left behind for this trip.

I couldn't sleep last night. I didn't have a single second of rest in my mind when all I could think of was Joohee and how badly I want to meet her. My stomach is already doing flips just thinking of seeing her face again after days that felt like months.

I never thought I would want someone as much as I want Joohee. Even when I have a little crush on Jihye, I've never really desire to be with her really.

Before I leave, I take a good look of the piece of note that Jimin handed. This is it, my destination.

Joohee-ah, just wait for me a little more!


I quietly stared at my phone and the notification of missed calls. Usually, I would grab my phone, look to know who the notifications were from and reply as soon as I can. But now, I just neglected it like it was nothing to me.

I've seen who the missed calls was from though. Min Yoongi.
However, didn't want to listen to him or talk to him. I didn't want to serve as a troublesome burden again after I suddenly run away when I saw them kissing. I didn't want to hear his pity voice talking about how sorry he was that I saw that scene because it would remind me of what a burden I am to him due to my sensitive self.

But somehow, neglecting Yoongi felt so wrong. After all, he probably just wanted to cheer me up.
Gosh, I don't know anymore.

"Joohee! Get your butt up right now and do something productive for once!!" I could hear my mom yelled all the way in the living room.

"WHAT NOW MOM!" I groaned, got up on my feet and walk outside.

"Stop being on your phone all the time and locking yourself up in the room!" She scolded.

"Honey just leave her alone, she just need a rest from all of her studying. My daughter deserves some free time for herself too, you know." Yas dad, tell her!

"What rest? She's probably going to be sick if she continue to be on the phone like that." My mom argued.

"Then what do you want me to do?" I tiredly asked.

"Here." She hand over the watering pot.
"Go out side and water the plants in the front yard."

"Ugh you called me because you're just lazy to do it yourself, aren't you?" I rolled my eyes.

"Go on, my daughter." My mom is smiling now.
"Go water the garden so I can rest."

This is where I get my lazy genes from, my mom.

"If you don't want to then I'll do it." My dad kindly offered.

"It's okay, dad." I need to do something to get my mind off him anyway.


"Man, why didn't she grow a prettier flower like a rose or something. Why these unknown-looking flowers?" Joohee tipped over the watering pot and let the drops of water trickled down on to the leaves, branches, and roots of the plant.

"Oh god-" She jolted when a presence creep up on her from behind.

"Oh.... it's just you." Joohee talked to the family's cat as its eyes stare at her sullenly.

She knows the cat doesn't like her ever since her dad brought it home. The feline was always cold and would yowl whenever she's around. However, Joohee still love this kitty despite its bad behavior toward her.

"You're just like that guy you know that?" She ended up talking to it.
"Cold and lazy. Plus I love you but you don't love me back."

"Ah..." Joohee sighed and the cat look at her, curious of what she's talking about perhaps.
"I wonder what's he's doing right now. Probably chilling with his rude ass girlf-"


Joohee and the kitty look to the direction in which the voice came from. From a short distance between the road that lead to her house, she spotted Yoongi smiling so brightly that she could see all of his gums.

"Kitty look, that's the guy I'm talking about." Joohee said.

"WAIT WHAT?!" She yelped.

Joohee gulped loudly in the thick silence and her quivering eyes looked at Yoongi as he quickly ran toward her. She panicked but her body was too shock to runaway.

*Is this real?* She thought of a chance that it might be her hallucinations but it quickly went away because she could her the sound of his footsteps getting closer.

Her legs almost give up but the next thing she knew, she was salvaged from a hard fall as a pair of arms slithered themselves around her body. Only it was Yoongi who was embracing her tightly that she could have no way of running away from him again.

"I finally found you." Yoongi smile from ear to ear.

Joohee trying to shove him apart from herself but he did not budge and kept hugging her tighter as if his life depended on it.

"Yoongi I-"

"Don't." He cut her off. Yoongi wanted to keep her in his arms a bit longer.
"Please stay like this."

"Wh-why are you here?" She stuttered. Her face was buried in his chest and she could smell his familiar fragrance. Joohee realized how much she missed his smell, his presence beside her.

"I'm here to tell you that," His arms tighten around her frame.
"Don't ever try and get over your feelings for me."

"What?.... why are you telling me this." Joohee was speechless and bewildered. Her brain was too slow to process was was going on.

"What I want to say for the pass few days is," His arms around her loosened as he stood straight up to look at her in the eyes. Joohee felt herself melting into goo, looking at her own reflection in his two eyes.

"I want you to keep liking me," He stare at her with pure tenderness and happiness eyes as if she's the most precious gem in the world.
"Because I, Min Yoongi, feels the same way too."

Joohee couldn't believe her ears. Did she hear that right? Eyes widening, never left its gaze on him.

*D-Did he just.... confess to me?!?*

Yoongi broke into an amused chuckle at her shocked reaction. He could feel and hear his own heart pound against its chest as he anticipated her answer.

Joohee's brain was finally able to catch up to this situation. She opened her mouth to speak as she feels a hard twist inside her chest.

"What?! No!"


School is starting tomorrow and I'm currently dead inside.
Anyway, enjoy that cliffhanger guys 😂

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