6. Advice

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"Wow your apartment looks bigger than I remember from that day." I take out my sandals before walking inside.

"Maybe you're too busy being drunk and assuming stuff that you didn't notice." Suga spat then close the door behind him.
"Can't believe I let you come inside again. I must be crazy."

"Well, do you want my help or not?" I sat down on his sofa, the same one that I slept on.

"Duh, that's why I let you in." He sat on the seat across from me.
"Let's not waste time here, tell me what I should do."
Damn, I didn't even sat down for a minute.

"Alright...... uh......" I pause for a moment, thinking of the research that I did yesterday.

"From what I see, you're lacking a lot." He looked directly at me with an attentive and serious gaze.

"Let's start with approaching and eye contact. You need to approach her first instead of looking at her from the far like a stalker, which you did. Girls like people with confidence, you know? But don't overdo it, start with a simple greeting or compliment is good." Yeah, I totally didn't google this.

"Arghh, that's so hard!" Suga groaned.

"Not really, you just have to try." I encouraged him.
"Pretend I'm her. Try to start a conversation with me."

"What?! But you're nothing like her!" Wow thanks, that really push my self esteem up.

"Can you just goddam act?!"

"Tch, fine." He deeply inhaled.

"Ah........." Suga pause for a very, very long time.
"y- Arghh I can't do this."

"What? Why?"

"It's weird! I don't even know you and here I am, having to act like I'm hitting on you." Yoongi argued.

"Boi, we know each other for more than a week, I saw you everyday and even been to your apartment before."

"A week is nothing." Suga said.

"What chu mean?! Romeo and Juliet know each other for like what, 4 days??"

"But...... I just.... I just can't do it!" Goddamn it.

"Okay look here, Suga sunbae. All you need to do is walk up to her, look her straight in the eyes." I said as I look straight into his eyes as an example.

And...... this is out of the topic but....

Did I told you how handsome he look up close?!

What the hell, I didn't really notice it before but he's.... good looking af.

"And?" Suga told me to continue.

"And you start a conversation like good morning noona, how's your day, what are you doing. Or even start with a compliment such as I like your hair or something like that."
Suga slightly nodded as I speak.

"Oh and remember, Eye.Freaking.Contact." I emphasized every word.
"Why don't you look at her when she talk to you?? Do you think she like that?"

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