7. Chicken

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"What the...."

"Shhhhhh" I shush those people who walk pass by me. I cannot be caught by Jihye!

I continue to stalk the two as I put my hoodie up and hide behind the tree near the bench that they sat. Suga just arrive and he look like he was having a hard time starting a conversation.

"Pssst, sunbae!" I tried to catch his attention.

Suga finally look at me and he look flustered for a moment. Jihye must've saw that because she was turning around but fortunately I was able to hide on time

"What are you doing?" He mouthed to me with a panic look on his face.

"Helping you!" I mouthed back.
"Remember to be confident."

"Aishhh...." aish? Boi I'm helping! Be grateful!

"Compliment her!"

"Huh? Oh....." Suga slightly nodded.

"Jihye noona...... your...... socks look nice."


"Oh? .....thank you so much Yoongi! You're so nice." She laugh and it sounds quite genuine. Wow, that works.

"Ask her about her day!" I continue to whisper to him.

"How's your day, noona?" He smiles....... his gummy smile omg.

"I have a lot to do nowadays. It's hard to balance between private and school works." Jihye told him.

"Ah.... you can always ask me for help anytime." Smooth Yoongi, smooth.

"Aww thank you, anyway how's you day?" She ask him back.

"It's great actually....."

"Say 'because I get to see you'!" I mouthed to him. Kinda cheesy but like come on, it's Suga. Who wouldn't fall for him when he says that.

He look a bit hesitant before actually says, "because I get to see you."

"Aigoo, what's with you being so sweet today." Aye, she likes it! Oh my, she's blushing!

"No wonder other people called you Suga." She lightly nudge his shoulder.

I rolled my eyes and Yoongi caught that. She probably have never seen his salty side.


What the heck.....

"Oh, mianhae (sorry) noona." He apologized before taking out his phone. Aish that just ruin the moment.

"It's alright, Yoongi-ah. Anyway I have to go home now, I'll see you next time~" She stood up and grabbed the books before exiting.

I waited until she walk away in a good distance before walking up to Yoongi.

"Who called you?!" I asked as I sat in the same place that she did.

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