11. Hang Out

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"Hehehehehe" Joohee's ears picked up some of the giggling follow by the sound of a camera.

"What......" She groaned out of frustration before open her eyes slowly. The first thing she saw was a phone and Hobi who was holding.

"AISHHHHH stApH" Joohee quickly cover herself with the blanket.

"I didn't know my cousin was photogenic even when she's drooling in her sleep." Hobi laugh hysterically.

"Ugh, why you always do this!" She whined.
"How did you get here, stalker?"

"I took your extra key last time." Hoseok grab the blanket and yank it off the bed.
"Wake up, we promise to hang out during the weekend remember?"

"Where's the other members?"

"They're in Yoongi's room, probably trying to wake him up."

"Tch, good luck with that."


"They're finally here!" Bts was waiting for the two cousin in front of the apartment since forever.
"What took you guys so long?"

"It's Joohee's fault, she took forever to get ready." Hobi blamed on his cousin.

"Well I'm sorry, but a girl have to take care of her hygiene in the morning." She scoffed.
"Anyway, shall we go now?"

"We should go eat, I'm hungry." Jin suggested.

"Can we just stay home and sleep?" Yoongi asked.

"You've been doing that the whole week, hyung." Jungkook told him.
"So lazy."

"Maybe he's just tired." Joohee speak up.
"How's the fever going?"

"I'm feeling better." The corner of his lips slightly curve upward.

"Ohhhh, these two is sooo suspicious." Namjoon teased.

"We're just neighbors." Yoongi denied with a calm voice.

"Plus, he's not my type anyway." Joohee said. That was a lie.

"Tch, like you have a chance." Yoongi smirked, making her jaw dropped.

"Ouch." Jimin jokingly teased.
"That must hurt."

"Don't worry!~" Taehyung nudge on her shoulder to cheer her up.
"You have a chance with me!"

"Hehe thank you." Joohee question how this guy is even single.


We finally arrive in a shopping mall at Gangnam after the 10 minutes ride on the subway. I swear if I have a dollar for every single girl that look at Bts on the subway, I would have enough to pay rent this month.

"Hey I'm going to buy some t-shirts." Jungkook said excitedly.
"Anyone wanna come?"

"No, I'm gonna go to the food court." Seokjin replied.

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