19. Last Advice

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"Can you send me your notes tonight?" Joohee asked her classmate when all of them packing up their stuff after the bell rang. During class, all Joohee did was putting her head down due to the massive headache from yesterday's alcohol.

"Sure, what happened yesterday? You look horrible." One of them commented.

"I got drunk." Joohee cringe when she suddenly remember that she asked Yoongi to stay. But she was thank you for her drunk self for not spilling any secrets about her feelings.

"Take care of your health, Joohee-ah." The group exit the classroom before someone who waited for a long time interrupted.

"Joohee?" Jihye force to smile, looking at the girl she absolutely hate.
"Can I talk to you?"

Joohee was stunned, she was afraid of what the conversation will be about.

"I'll see you tomorrow then Joohee!" The girls bid her a goodbye while walking ahead.

"Bye guys!" She wave to them then turn back to face Jihye.

"What do you want to talk to me about?" Joohee asked. She thought she was in some sort of trouble when Jihye crossed her arms.

"This might be rude of me to say but...." Jihye straightforwardly stated
"Can you stay away from Yoongi?"

"Huh?!" Joohee couldn't believe her own ears and what she's hearing.

"I'm sorry, it's so selfish of me but I think you're at an age where you understand how it feels when the guy you love is being close with another girl." Jihye's blood boiled thinking of what happened the night yesterday. She clearly saw Yoongi carrying Joohee upstairs then refuses to come back down when she called.

"You.... love him?"
Joohee is puzzled of what to do, what to answer, and what to even think.

"I do, so can you please do me this favor?" She boldly asked.

"But we're just friends." Joohee responded.

"I know that, now can you answer my question?" Jihye grew impatient as every silent second passed.

"No, I can't do that." Joohee doesn't care if Yoongi doesn't like her back, he probably never will but she can't stand his absence. Even as a friend, a hoobae, or a neighbor... Joohee still want to be beside him.

"Aish, what a hard-headed girl." Jihye scowled as she tried hard not to curse at the younger girl since there are students around.
"You don't know how to listen to your unnie?"

"I'm sorry." Joohee bowed down low as she apologized.
"I'll be going now."

"Yah! I'm still talking here!" Joohee ignored the loud noise from the girl and continue to walk without looking back.


I should probably do homework.
I told myself that since 5:00 p.m. but it's now already 9:00 p.m. Which mean that hours have passed and all I did was staring at the ceiling thinking about Jihye's words.

She have feelings for him

And he have feelings for her

Should I tell Yoongi this or not...

Can someone tell me what to do right now?

"Joohee!!" A voice shouted, followed by the banging of the door. I was so shocked I almost fell out of the bed. Who tf banging the door at this hour

I got to my feet and rush outside to open the door to stop the loud banging.


"Yah! Why didn't you reply to my text or call? You always make me worry sick!" He scolded. Shoot! I must've turn the ringer off....

"I'm sorry." I hate how at times like this, my heart is racing for him.

"Since you're okay...do you want to go eat with me?" His gummy smile again.... this is tough.

"No." I don't want to fall for you any further than this.
"I'm tired."

"You're not okay, who is this? Where's Joohee?? The normal Joohee would never turn down food." Yoongi said.

"Yah...... are you okay?" There was a strong hint of concern in his voice.

"I met Jihye today." I decided to told him.

"Really? What for?" He asked.

"She said she wanted to talk with me."

"That's weird, she said she wanted to talk to me too, but tomorrow though." It's obvious what their conversation will be about.

"Sunbae, do you really like her?" I guess I will know what to do next after I have his answer.

"Tsk what's this suddenly?"

Say 'no', Yoongi.

"Just answer me."

Say 'no'.

"Yes." He nodded. Tch stupid Joohee, what did you even expect?

"Then Yoongi, this will be my last ever advice to you." I told him. I figured that seeing Yoongi happy will also make me happy. Who cares about my feelings, it will probably go away when they dated.

"She told me that she loves you."


"You should ask her out." It was a simple, last advice but it leave Yoongi speechless.

A little part of him was happy that is crush have feelings for him but a bigger part of him was unsure of the advice.

Yoongi paused for a long time. It was probably the most silence atmosphere the two have with each other. Both of them looking elsewhere as their minds filled with many thoughts.

Finally Yoongi break the silence.

"Do you want me to ask her out?" He doesn't know why he have the urge to ask her that, but he badly need to know the answer.

*No.* Joohee thought. *Because I will lose you.*

However she knows better than to be selfish.
"Of course."

Disappointment engulf Yoongi upon hearing her answer. His subconscious side wishes she would answer otherwise.

"Thank you." Yoongi said as he force a smile.

"Umh, you're welcome." Joohee responded.
"Goodnight sunbae, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Goodnight Joohee." He watches as she slowly close the door on him.

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