4. His Crush

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"Morning Joohee!" Bts greeted me as soon as I arrive at the table with Hobi.
All of them have a cute smile on their face except, of course, Min Suga. Gosh why is his name is the opposite of himself.

"Good morning sunbae." I slightly bowed then sitting down next to my cousin.
I took out a small lunchbox that I made this morning from my backpack and put it on a table.

"Wow, no asking for free food today?" Hobi begin to tease.

"Hey I'm not always that shameless alright?" I retorted.
"But if you're planning to buy me food then please do."

"Not shameless?" I heard Suga murmured.
"You must be kidding me"

Umh...... was that necessary?!

"What was that hyung?" Rapmon asked.

"Nothing." He give me a look before going back to his food. Tsk, so salty.

"Joohee-ah, why is there only meat in your lunchbox?" Jin shows concern toward my diet.
"Here, you need some green in your diet."

"Oh..... thank you." I thank Jin as he place some vegetables in my box. I don't like vegetables but I'll eat it if it is from Jin, I heard he's really good at cooking.

"You know most people get their vitamin from vegetables " Taehyung said.
"But I don't need vegetables cuz you are my vitamins!"

"More like poison." Yoongi said under his breath.

"Please stop." Jimin said monotonously while the other shake their heads.
Why are they like this, Taehyung was so cute!!

"Thank you Taehyung and Jin sunbae!" I smiled.
"You guys are so nice...... unlike someone."

"Tch." Suga scoffed.

"Yah hyung, why are you in such a bad mood." Jungkook asked. Hum, I wonder why.

"There's just a lot of thing happening this few days." Suga sighed heavily

"Why? Tell us."

"Out of no where there's this ugly, drunk girl outside my door. I brought her in my apartment out of kindness then she assume my sexuality."


"What?! That's so rude, you should've kick her out!" Hobi exclaimed.
Ha.ha.ha.ha. I love my cousin.

"Well.... that's what I did." Suga finishes.

"Good, she deserves that." Rapmon said and the rest nodded.
I'm totally okay. Hahaha I'm okay. Totally.

"What do you think, hum?" Suga asked me and I could see the evilness in his eyes.

"Maybe it's just a simple mistake, everyone make mistake right?" I laughed nervously.
"But at least she apologized."

"Not good enough." What the hell do you want me to do??

"Wait..... how did you know that she apologized?" Jimin asked.

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