34. Date

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Joohee leaned back against the chair with a hand over her tummy which was threatening to burst. A burp almost escaped her mouth but she had quickly clamped a hand over it to keep the burp in. She was glad that she wore a loose shirt today instead of a tight top or dress that might show the lining of her bloating belly.

"This is not good, at this pace I'm going to get so fat because of you." Joohee told the guy who sat across from her who didn't eat much but just sit there and watch her. The reason was this bakery is the 4th eating places that they visit today on their date and he was already full at the first restaurant.

"Good, you'll look really cute!" Yoongi chuckled, showing his gummy smile.

"Cute? We'll just going to look like number 10 together. You're the number 1 and I'm number 0." She wanted to say it louder but her stomach was so full that she have no energy to do so.

"I would still love you no matter what though."
Yoongi then stood up and put out his arm, offering to lend her a hand to push her up from her seat.
"Let's go, we have one more place to go before it's getting late."

"Okay!" With the help of his hand, Joohee got on her two feet and ready walk with him outside. To her surprise, Yoongi was strong enough to pull up someone as heavy as her with only one arm.

It was quite a shock when they just realized that the sky had gone from a dark blue to completely black with in half an hour that it took them to get to their destination.

Getting in line. the two stood next to each other, hand in hand, and stared up in amazement and awe at the slowly spinning ferris wheel. Behind them was other couples, kids, teenagers and even adults. Many go somewhere else to try other rides that the amusement park offer.

Since the sky was dark, the various types of colored lights decorating the ferris wheel brightened up the place and it was just entirely beautiful. The view was absolutely breathtaking and it was so inexplicable.

"Wow..." Joohee broke out the silence amongst the two.
"This is actually my first time riding the Ferris wheel."

"Really? Well, it's not my first time but this time will be more special for sure. Since it is my first time going with my girlfriend." Yoongi smile as his grip on her hand slightly tighten.

"Oh..." Joohee stare at Yoongi in awe as she thought of how lucky she is to be the many of his 'first'.

The line is getting closer as minutes pass by. But the more closer, the more sweaty her hands become. Joohee just remember why she doesn't go on Ferris wheel or any other rides that included tall height because simply, she's scared of height. She tried hard to drown that fear away because Yoongi looked so cute and excited that she doesn't want to kill his mood with her no-fun self.

Soon, Joohee found herself sitting across Yoongi as he gazed out at the beautiful night sky outside the glass window and she stare blankly at the floor, trying not to look at the sight outside the window. The city looked small from their spot high up in the sky and it fascinated him deeply.

"Joohee~" Yoongi pinched her cheeks to catch her attention.
"Why don't you look outside? The view is beautiful."

"Haha but you're the view." Joohee looked in his eyes instead. This is a best excuse she can come up with that doesn't raise any suspicion from Yoongi of why she doesn't look outside. But she's pretty sure even if she's not afraid of height, she would still rather looking at him instead.

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