33. Official

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"Good morning!" Joohee greeted her boyfriend as they're both ready to walk out of the apartment building and heading to school.

"Good morning~ did you have a good sleep?" She was tired but just looking at the warm smile on his face give her a rush of energy.

"Not really." She admitted. She couldn't sleep last night because her restless heart didn't let her. Now she looked haggard with her noticeable eye bags and messy hair. Joohee mentally sighed, what a way to impress her new, official boyfriend.

On the other hand, she notice Yoongi look a little different than usual. He looked as if he went a little extra on his appearance today. He wore brand new clothing including new accessories such as Rolex watch and big rings.

"Then sleep early tonight." Yoongi told her before ruffling his girlfriend's hair.
"Aigoo, you look cute today."

She snapped her head to the side when she heard his words and flustered when she met his gaze. She figured having a boyfriend like him might not be so healthy for her heart.

"Thank you..." Joohee responded.
"And you look extra today."

"Yah, I dress like this for you and that's all you could say?" Yoongi give her a teasing and judging look.

"You don't have to, you look nice in everything though." Joohee honestly stated.

Yoongi looked at her for a moment in amusement. He then pecked the side of her lips making her eyes go wide, her face go red all over and her whole body froze.
"Thank you~"

"Aish!" She slightly nudge on his shoulder.
"What chu do that for!"

"What do you mean? Aren't you the one who make a move on me yesterday and dragged me into a kiss? You even-"

"AHHHH I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!" Embarrassed, she covered both of her ears while dashing ahead leaving behind an amused Yoongi.

"Hey wait for me!"

"I think we should let go." Joohee's gaze landed on their intertwine hands. They were at school and she didn't want the unnecessary attention from other students. Plus, she's used to be the one who hates couple PDA at school and now she try not to become one of them.

"I don't want to." Yoongi said with a calm voice as if nothing is wrong. Before she knew it, they were inside the school, hand in hand, and just like she expected, some students was whispering about them.

It was quiet but Joohee couple make out some of the murmuring.

"Woh they're dating?!"
"Wait, isn't he dating the other girl?"
"I told you they're a thing!!"

But some other people shout out loud instead of whispering.

"OHH LOOK! IT'S ROMEO AND JULIET!" Namjoon teased as the two approaches the group.

"Why be Juliet when you can be Rose to my Jack?!" Taehyung fake a cry.

"Congrats hyung! And noona~" Kookie congratulated the two.

"I'm still watching you, hyung." Hobi told Yoongi with a serious look.

"This is such a plot twist, I can't even-" Jin said in disbelief.

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