1. Moving In

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"Yooooo, please hang out with me!" I pout at the boy who was walking next to me.
"I don't have any friends."

"Alright!!" Hoseok flashed a bright smile.
"Don't worry, oppa will show you around."

"Oh by the way, where's your apartment? Do you need help unpacking?" He said as both of us walk through the university entrance.

"Nope, I'm almost done." I answered.
"I'll invite you over when everything is neat."

"Wohh! It's Hoseok!"
"Who's that girl next to him?"
"Hey Hobi~"

"Is it me or is those girls talking about you?" I asked.
"No way.... my weirdo cousin is popular here??!"

"Yah!" Jhope jokingly nudge my shoulder gently

"Just kidding~ Hoseok oppa is the best!" I playfully respond.
"So buy me food please."

"Tch." Hoseok frowned playfully
"Always use me for free food."


"So here's the cafeteria." Jhope lead the girl to one of the table where he usually sit with his friends.
"Sit here, I'll buy you breakfast."

"Thank you!" Joohee obediently sat down as she watches Hoseok walk away.

To kill the time, she took out her phone to text her parents that she is okay in Seoul and that they don't need to worry about her because Hobi got her back. The reason that she left is the same as why Hoseok left Gwangju years ago: to attend the top school in the nation.

Joohee then put the phone away while resting her chin in the palm of her hand.

"Is she new?" She heard a whisper at the side of her ear.
"I don't want to kick her out but that's our table though."
"Where's Hoseok anyway?"

Joohee turned around as soon as she heard someone mentioned Hoseok.
Her eyes land on a group of boys, 6 to be exact. They were all staring at her and she felt intimidated for a moment.

"May I help you?" She speak up.

"Ah.... nothing." The tallest one smile to break the ice.
"We can sit somewhere else."

"Oh am I in your seat?" Joohee quickly stood up while grabbing her backpack.

"No, no! You don't have to." The whole group insist.

"But I feel bad......" She quietly move away.

"It's okay, just sit down!" One of them grabbed her backpack and she come to a halt.

"But this is your seat though....." She slightly pull her backpack back.

"No, it's alright!!" He pulled harder this time.

"YAHH! Let go!" Jhope rushed back with a tray of food in his hand.
"How can you guys bully the poor girl."

"Hobi.... calm dow-"

"Yah Kim Taehyung! What do you want, why are you grabbing her backpack huh?"

"Hyung, I was just-"

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