32. Return

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Because of the fun that the two were experiencing, neither of them noticed the flying time. It seems that yesterday that Yoongi came to Gwangju but today is the day that they came back to Seoul since school in starting tomorrow.

Joohee found herself sitting next to Yoongi on the bus to Seoul as she gazed out at the beautiful sky outside the glass window. She never notice it before but the bus seat is closer than she thought. Actually, it was just Yoongi who was sitting very close.

"Ah~ I'm gonna miss Gwangju." She said out loud with an unwavering pout, wondering when will be the next time that she'll come back.

"Me too." Yoongi admitted. He'll miss the Gwangju not because of the place itself, but he'll miss the time that they spend there together.
"How about next time, I'll bring you to my house in Daegu?"

"Really?!" She exclaimed in delight.
"Wait... does your parents mind?"

"No, they're really nice. I'm pretty sure they'll like you. My brother will too!" Yoongi responded.

"You have a brother??" It never crosses Joohee's mind that Yoongi have another sibling.

"Yeah, an older brother." Yoongi replied with a yawn.

Ahh, no wonder a savage guy like him can be so obedient toward Jin. Probably because he grew up with an older brother. Joohee thought.

"Alright, next time we have a break, let's go to Daegu together!"

"Umh." Yoongi's droopy eyes blinked as he tiredly nodded.

"Dude....... it's morning and you're sleepy?" She give him a teasing look.

"Yeah..." He shamelessly chuckled.
"Because we woke up so early to catch the bus."

"Tch." Joohee curl a smile on her face.
"Then go to sleep, ahjussi."

"Okay~" Yoongi closes his eyes and the next thing Joohee knew, she found herself sitting with his head on her shoulder.
Of course she was shocked at his unexpected move but nevertheless smiled in joy because of how cute he looked.

"Since my girlfriend is not here, I'll use your shoulder instead~"

The word 'girlfriend' swipe the happy smile of her lips. What the hell is that suppose to mean? Girlfriend? Jihye?? Didn't he said that he broke up with her?

"Girlfriend?" Joohee grimaced at the thought of it.

"Yeah, my neck pillow that I bought in the market." Yoongi replied.
"I forgot to bring it."

"Oh....." I should've know. Joohee chuckled to herself.

A sigh of relief yet again instinctively emitted out from her lips as she plopped down on her bed after a fresh shower. She was exhausted due to the 4 hour ride on the bus in which she stay still in one seat with the ahjussi sleeping on her shoulder the whole way. Of course, she didn't miss the chance to take secret pictures of the sleeping beauty.

Although her body was tired, weirdly she felt as excited as ever. She put her hand over her pounding heart, recalling all those little moments they have together in Gwangju. I wonder what he's doing right now. She thought to herself.

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