14. Movie

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"So who won the basketball match?!" The girls asked with enthusiasm as we left the classroom.

"Lemme guess, Yoongi oppa's team." One stated and I nod.

"Arghh! Dammit we missed it." They throw a tantrum.
"You should text us the next time they play!"
Um, that would require giving me a lot of food. I don't do stuff for free.

"Anyway we need to go home now." They waved while we parted way at the end of the hallway.

"Bye! Remember to text us next time."

"Goodbye-" Hold on... is that


I immediately find a tree nearby and hide myself. He was talking to someone and oh what a surprise, it's Jihye. This remind me so much of the first time that I stalk them but this time I was too far away.

Like any other time I saw them together, there was a happy smiles on their face. By the way that Jihye girlishly tug the strand of hair behind her ear and the way she softly nudges his arm, I can a hundred percent tell that she have an interest for that ahjussi. He must be so happy right now.

But am I happy for him? I don't know, something in my gut tells me that it doesn't like any of this at all.


"Hey ugly!"

"Yah! Joohee!" I faintly heard a voice calling my name.
"Are you deaf?!"

"Yoongi?" I finally took off my earbuds and halted my steps.
"Sorry, I couldn't hear."

"Let's walk home together, neighbor!" Him and his gummy smile I swear.

"Why are you so happy for?"

"Because I have someone to walk home with." He stared at me and I could see my reflection in his eyes.
Liar, it's because of Jihye isn't it?

"Look like you and Jihye is really close now." I commented

"That was random.... and yeah, thanks to you." This ahjussi chuckled.

"No problem." We continue to walk side by side.
"You should consider asking her out for a date."

"I never actually thought of that, I'm not sure if she'll agree."

"BoI please, I'm 100% sure that she'll say yes." I mean just look at the way she flirt with him a moment ago.

"Then how do you think I should ask her?" Yoongi questioned.

"Just be confident and straightforward." I simply responded.

"Alright, I trust you." And I trust google for all this advice.


"Yah! Give me the remote control!" Taehyung fought with Jungkook on the sofa but maknae's strength was too strong to fight back.

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