31. Gwangju (4)

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Joohee parked the car and turned the engine off, she sighed as she took off the key. She averted her gaze to Yoongi's sleeping figure, his eyes were gently shut as his eyelashes falls beautifully against his cheeks, his lips were slightly parted. She gaze at him as her inside melt at the sight , debating to herself wether she should wake him up or just let him sleep here.

"Ahjussi~" She leaned closer, slightly tapping his shoulder but all she got back was a sleepy groan.

"Dude, wake up!" Joohee hit his arm this time and that woke him up from his slumber.

"Oh...." Yoongi let out a long yawn before looking outside the window.
"We're here already?"

"Yeah, let's go!" She gestured him to come along as she exited the car first.

"Where's this place?" Yoongi asked as the wind softly graze his skin and he heard a faint sound of the rustling leaves.

"It's Gwangju's main ecological park, beautiful isn't it?"

Yoongi nodded as he roamed his eyes around the area while the two was walking toward a trail that is surrounded and decorated with tall trees. He could see the lake from this view. From what he could see, this could be a romantic walk for the two base on how beautiful the scenery is and how there is not a lot of people around.

"To be honest I wanted to take you to a national park but I remember both of us are too lazy to hike so I figured this place is a better option for sightseeing." Joohee chuckled as they continue to walk down the trail.

"I think I'm a bit more fit to hike now, considering how much I ran for you back in Seoul." As the two began walking, they found themselves isolated with no sign of other people around.

"You... ran for me?" She asked Yoongi of whatever that means.

"Yeah, after you were away I ran to look for you everywhere." Yoongi turn toward her while his index finger pointed to her in a mocking and joking way.
"And this pabo right here don't even pick up her phone."

"I'm sorry." She quietly mumble.
"But it's not my fault. I didn't want to be seen as a burden and plus how can I trust you after you message me to meet you but instead I saw you and her."

"I didn't send that, pabo." Yoongi sighed.
"She did."

"Oh..." She becomes speechless. Of course that girl would do that. Joohee thought to herself.

"But it's a good thing that you didn't contact me. It makes me realize how important you were to me." With a cheeky smile, Yoongi's hand landed on hers.

Joohee was flattered at what he had said earlier. This kind of behaviour of his made her nerves and everything nice danced happily. But all of this ceased when unexpectedly, Yoongi leaned closer.

The trees stands out with their green and healthy leaves. The blue sky reflects the beautiful weather of the day. This romance scenery was completed with the presence of the two.

A satisfied smile appear on his lips once the scent of her surrounds him completely, numbing anything else around them. It was foreign feelings he never experienced before. Yoongi could feel the presence of her lips inches away from his. Both of their eyes were closed and their bodies was closer as each seconds go by until

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