5. Helper

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*In the gym*

"2.......3........4......ARGHHH" Rapmon dropped the dumbbell.
"I think that's enough excercise for today."

"112.......113.......114......115....116....." Jimin counted for every dumbbell that he lifts.

"You're weak hyung." Jungkook teases Jimin as he lift a dumbbell 10x faster.

"Come on Namjoon hyung! You can do better than that!" Taehyung said while munching on fried chicken at the corner of the gym.

"Yeah! You can do it!" Jin joined Taehyung with a burger in his hand.

Suga wrapped a towel around his neck as he approached the treadmill next to Jhope.
He steps on the machine and select a comfortable tempo for a warm up.

"Hobi ....Can I ask you something?"

"Sure hyung" Hobi slowed down the machine so they can have a conversation.

"You have a girlfriend back in high school right?" Suga asked.

"Umh, why?" Hobi wiped the sweat on his forehead.

"Did Joohee helped you?" Suga wanted to ask this question since yesterday

"Oh, did she told you that?" Hobi laughed
"Yeah, she did help."

*Maybe the annoying girl have some good after all* Suga thought

"She's really good at giving advice about getting the girl." Hobi added.
"Why? You want her to help you with Jihye?"

"Maybe." Part of Suga want the help but part of him doesn't want to deal with Joohee.

"Well, ask her whenever you change your mind." Hobi replied.


The TV show my favorite weekly kdrama and for some reason, I can't concentrate.

Weirdly, all that was in my mind since yesterday is that girl Jihye. Wait.... I should call her unnie, she's older that me since Suga call her noona.
So that salt guy into older woman I see.

Who is she anyway?


Why does it bother me so much the fact that he treat her totally opposite from the way he treat me? As if there were split personality in him. Tch, such a two face.


"Should I.......?" Suga walk back and forth in front of Joohee's door for the last 10 minutes.

He thought about it for a second. Suga doesn't quite understand girls yet so he really need help if he wants to be with Jihye. Joohee is the best option that he have because she lives nearby which is easy to contact for help, she's not one of his fangirls so it's less stressful, she's a girl so she knows what a girl want, and she successfully helped Hoseok before.

*Umh, I guess I should* Suga thought before knocking on her door.

"Coming!" Joohee picked herself up from her bed the moment she heard the knock.

"What a surprise." Joohee grinned as she open the door
"Wassup neighbor."

"Okay listen, remember when you said you want me to accept your apologize?" Suga asked impatiently.
"I will accept it if you help me out with Jihye."

"Oh......." The smile on her face fall.
"That's not a very good way to ask for help."

"I'm not asking for help, I'm telling you a way that you can earn my forgiveness." Suga remarked.

"Tch, forgiveness my ass." She furrow her brows.

"You know what sunbae, I don't care if you don't accept my apology or whatever. It's not like it will do me any good anyway. So excuse me I have better stuff to do, goodnight."

But before she can close the door, Suga grabbed her wrist.

"Okay fine!" He sighed.
"I need help okay?"

"Should've said it in the first place." She said cockily.

"So.... tell me what I need to do." Suga state in a serious tone.

"Well, actually I don't do stuff for free. For me to help you, I need something in return."

"Tch, still annoying as ever." He rolled his eyes.

"Mister, you're asking me for help with that attitude then I'm afraid that will not do." She placed her hand on the doorknob, threaten to close it.

"I'm just kidding! What do you want?" Suga sigh again and she smile in victory.

"Nothing much, just food is okay."

"Oh that's it? Alright when shall we start?" Suga asked.

"Tomorrow?" Joohee suggested.
"Maybe 5:00 p.m."

"Okay, I'll meet you here tomorrow." Suga walk over to his apartment.
"Don't forget."

"I won't and remember to order food." She remind him.

"I will."

"Oh and I also want something else from you."

"Gosh, what now!" Suga open his door half way.

"A better attitude." Joohee said.
"Goodnight neighbor!"

"Goodnight!" Suga faked a smile before closing the door quickly.


Damnn, this Jihye girl got Suga head over heels for her! Just how the hell does she do that?

I plopped back down on the bed and reached for my phone.

I just realize that I have a big problem......


Omg I didn't know my lie was that effective. I don't know how to get a girl to fall for a guy for god's sake!

I mean back in high school Hobi got the girl because well..... she was my close friend so I brainwash her. But Jihye is not!
Why was I born to become such a snake??
Man, Suga will hate me to death if I tell him wrong advices!

Gosh something tell me this is going to be a disaster!


Sorry for the short update, since it's summer I found myself lazier and lazier 😪 And did u guys enjoy Blackpink's comeback CUZ IF YOU DON'T THEN FITE ME BISH.

Lol jk I would still luv ya.

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