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A/N: This is an extra that only those who read all my books can understand lol.

~Parallel Universe~

Jinhee and Taehyung from "Bad Boy in Luv"
Minseo and Jimin from "My Playboy"
Joohee and Yoongi from "Neighbor"

"So...." The kindergarten teacher sighed as she took off her glasses then settle down in her seat in front of three couples who send their kids to her class.
"I'm glad all of you could make it."

"Yes, and can we please get started? My husband and I both have to leave in 30 minutes." Jinhee was worried that she and Taehyung might be late for their next schedule.

"Honestly, my kid is so well mannered. I don't even know why I'm here." Jimin commented while is wife Minseo nodded.

"I'm afraid not." The kindergarten said in a serious tone.
"I have to inform you that all of your kids are causing a lot of interruption in my class."

"What?!" Joohee frowned.

"I think you got the wrong kid, Yoonho would never do something like that." Yoongi insisted.

"Mr. Min....." The kindergarten teacher sighed again.

"Yoonho cursed in front of his classmates."

"Pftsss." Jimin and Taehyung tried hard to hold in their laughter while Yoongi quickly send them a glare.

"Mr. Kim and Mr. Park, I'm afraid your kids is no better." The kindergarten teacher continued and this time it was Yoongi's turn to laugh.

"I believe they all might be bullying each other..."

"What??!" All three of the couples shouted in unison.


"Hey Yoonho! Why are you sleeping on the slide? Move so I can play." A random classmate groaned.

"Shut up and leave me alone to sleep!" Yoonho yawned and the other kid sullenly walk away.

At that moment, a ball suddenly hit Yoonho's head, causing him to fall of the slide.

"Oh, my bad." Taekwon quickly run after to catch his ball.

"Hey kid, apologize right now!" Yoonho angrily stated while massaging his head.

"Why should I? It's your fault for sleeping where you're not suppose to." Taekwon shrugged.

"Do it or I'll tell me dad to infires you and your whole family!" Yoonho crossed his arms with a strong attitude.

"Yah! Go away before I tell my mom to make a diss track about you!" Taekwon tucks out his tongue.

"Boys.... why are they so stupid." Jihee sassily commented before going back to reading her book.

"Yah nerd, mind your own business." Taekwon and Yoonhi demand.

"Tsk nerd?" Jihee closes her book and quickly stood up before walking over to the other two.
"You guys are just hating because I'm smart like my parents while you guys can't even read!"

"At least my dad have jams and yours don't." Taekwon retorted.

"Bultaoreune, man!" Yoonho added.

"Don't act like your dad is so great, I heard from the adults that your dad is friends with aliens!" Jihee pointed to Taekwon.

"And your dad is a turtle!" She pointed to Yoonho this time.

"Hey what's wrong with being friends with aliens?!" Taekwon frowned.
"That's way better than being a turtle."

"I don't give a shit, I don't give a fuck." Yoonho hopped on to the tricycle nearby before riding it away, leaving the two other kids speechless.

"My dad is swaeg."


Lmao I don't know what I just wrote but anyway thanks for reading yo!

There won't be any sequels tho :(

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