18. Stay

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"Namjoon! I'm glad you're here!" I guess this guy is Namjoon's friend and also the one who planned this party.
"Come on in guys, we have a table for you."

This house is massive, the living room got a make over that look like somewhere inside of a night club. I could see the similar faces of the people on the dance floor. They are all students in our school.

"Hobi, our parents is going to kill us if they know." I told Hoseok.

"Shhh" He playfully gestured.
"They won't."

"Here's your table." The guy pointed us to our seat. Bts nodded while looking around and observe the place, except for Yoongi who look done with everything.

They all find a place to sit down and I decide to sit on a seat that's the furthest from Yoongi to avoid unnecessary breathing problems.

"Hey Kookie, that girl across the room is winking at you." Hobi teased.
"Go say hi to her!"

Jungkook didn't answer, he just give a disgusting look to his hyung and the girl. Lol the look on that girl's face is hilarious.

"Wait, where did Tae go?" Jin asked. Bruh, he just disappeared.

"Let's go party, turn up!" Someone shouted in the room and we all know the answer.
I look on the dance floor to see Taehyung nae nae with his guy friends. Shortly after Jungkook also join the spotlight with Tae. They sure knows how to have fun.

"Oh Yoongi? I didn't know you would be here!!"

Are you kidding me right now.


"Jihye?" Yoongi blinked a few times.

"Oh, I guess we'll be leaving then." Namjoon said with a playfulness tone in his voice.
"Let's go Jin hyung!"

"Imma go too." Hobi commented.

"Have fun, Yoongi." Jin waved before walking away with Namjoon.

"Yah! Aren't you guys going to leave them alone?" Jin asked the two remaining at the table. Joohee and Jimin.

"No!" She answered angrily.
"Why should I."

"Same, I think it's interesting here." Jimin honestly responded.

"Alright then." Jin and Namjoon shrugged before leaving behind the four person.

"I'm so glad to see you here~" Jihye said excitedly and Joohee rolled her eyes at the annoyance of the other girl's tone.

"You can't argue with me that you don't like him anymore." Jimin teased.

"Yeah, its obvious isn't it?" Joohee sighed because she can't even hide it anymore. She picked up one of the glass on the table, gulping down whatever was in it to cool herself down.

"Aish now that you spill the secret it's not fun to tease you anymore."

"Ahh." She felt how the bitter taste of alcohol went its way from her tongue down to her stomach.

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