23. Immature

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In the morning, Joohee had woken up extra early, hopping off her bed in a tiredly manner as she threw herself into the bathroom to start on her quick morning routine. To say that she had a good sleep would be a lie considering how throughout the night, she kept on stirring around in her bed, never getting a second of rest in her mind when all she could think of was Min Yoongi.

Although Yoongi and Jihye is dating, Joohee's feelings for him remain to stay the same. Actually, it might've grow even more since last night.

She look at herself in the mirror and her self esteem dropped below sea level. Her lack of sleep contributed to her appearance now: haggard, tired, and distraught.

Soon enough, after making sure she looked decent without the messy out hair and visible eyebags, Joohee grabbed her bag and swung it over her shoulder before darting right out of her room and came scampering out of her house to reach the school.


Joohee stood frozen like a statue when the first person she saw walking outside was someone she would never expected to see here. Not Yoongi. Not any Bts members. But Jihye.

"Why are you here?..." Joohee's voice cracked from shock.

"I'm Yoongi's girlfriend, I have the right to be here!" She spat.
"And why do you live here?!!"

"It's my apartment..."

"I told you to leave him alone didn't I? I told you to get away from him but now you're telling me that you live next to him?!" Jihye's jealousy got the best of her.

"So what?" Joohee rolled her eyes. She didn't want to deal with this type of drama the moment she woke up but Jihye didn't let her walk away in peace.

"You whore, don't you know how to listen to your sunbaenim?!" Jihye use all of her force to yank Joohee back by the arm. Her sharp nails pierced into the younger girl's skin.
"I want you to move out, RIGHT NOW."

"Are you crazy?" Joohee hold back to urge to push the other girl off from the floor that they're on right.
"This is my house, why should I leave?"

"You should before I make you do so, bitch." Jihye cursed.

"Well, I would like to see you try then." Joohee try to remain her cool. After all, staying cool and being positive is the traits that Hobi and Joohee inherited from their family.

"You have feelings him, don't you?" Jihye asked as her blood boil with rage. Joohee stayed quiet without saying a word. The silence is enough for Jihye to assume that the answer is yes.

"Ah so that's why you want to be so close to him! You probably want to seduce Yoongi and steal him away from me right you b-"

"What's going on?" Yoongi finally opened the door.
"Jihye? What are you doing here?"

"Yoongi how come you never said that girl live right next to your door?!" Jihye shouted.

"Jihye." Yoongi sighed as he massaged his temples.
"Just what do you think you're doing right now?"

"Answer me Yoongi, what is that bitch to you?"

"Jihye, don't you ever call Joohee by that word." Yoongi growled at his immature girlfriend. He never know Jihye have such a nasty personality like this.

"I'll see you at school, sunbae." Joohee said as she try to escape from this messy scene. She fasten her pace and walk out of the place.

"Yah-" Just when Jihye was about to yank Joohee back by the hair, Yoongi grabbed her hands and preventing her from laying a finger on Joohee.

"Yoongi, why are you defending her?!" Jihye yelled, her face was red due to all the madness.

"Because you're making a scene and being immature right now!" Yoongi couldn't believe he called his person his girlfriend.

"Immature? You call me immature when all I did was just confronting to the girl that I don't trust being close to you?!"

"If you're going to keep acting like this then forget it, I'm not putting up with this." He let go of his girlfriend's hand, let out a heavy exhale before walking away.

"Yah, Yoongi!" She called but he didn't give a single glance back. Because he don't give a shit, he don't give a fuck right now.

"Aigoo, why did you call me to come out here?" Jimin sat across from her in the library. It was break time that means that Yoongi and Jihye is probably in the cafeteria with other Bts members and Joohee didn't want to see them.

"To talk, since you're the only who know about me and Yoongi." Joohee sighed while resting her chin on her hand.

"Why, did something happened?" Jimin asked, opening some random book in the process.

"Jihye found out that we are neighbors. She made such a big scene in the morning." She told him.

"Tch, as expected from that crazy girl." Jimin shrugged.
"I feel so bad for Yoongi hyung."

"But....." Jimin slammed the book back down and lean closer to Joohe.
"Did you notice something odd about their girlfriend-boyfriend relationship?"

"No, not really." Joohee shake her head.

"They never hold hands, kiss, or hug." Jimin stated.
"You know Yoongi use to say that he would love to cuddle with his girlfriend but now he doesn't even touch her."

"Tsk, how would you know that? They might did that privately." Her heart ache just by the thought of it.

"I doubt that." He lean back and settle down in his chair.

"Arghhh Chimchim! You know a lot of hot guys from your dance class don't you?" Joohee whined as she messily ruffled her hair.
"Can't you just set me up on a date with one?! I want to get over this feelings for Yoongi quickly!"

"You like Yoongi??" Hobi yelped before Joohee quickly stood up and cover his mouth.

"Hobiiii shhhh, this is a library please be quiet!" She pleaded.


Hoseok remove her hand that was over his mouth. Joohee was stiff and shock when he suddenly pull her to his embrace, making Jimin laughed at his exaggeration.

"Poor you!" Hobi patted her back.
"You must've been so sad, why didn't you tell me earlier?~"

"Aish." Joohee sighed. "Oppa, I'm fine."

"You never are when you said 'I'm fine'." Hobi said.
"It's okay, you can cry on my shoulder."

"Hobi!" Joohee push herself out of his arms and sit back down.

"Great, one more person knows my secret."

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