26. Gone

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Yoongi checked his Rolex watch for the 3757th times. It's been 2 hours that he have been leaning against her door since the morning. The poor guy didn't know that Joohee already left.

"Pabo, you're skipping school just because you saw me kissing a girl?" He talked to himself out of boredom.

"Tch, you said you like me and yet you haven't answer any of my texts or calls. You're sure is an interesting girl, Joohee." Yoongi checked his phone while avoiding all the messages from the crazy Jihye. He couldn't handle her spam anymore so with a single touch, she is now blocked from contacting him.

'Come to the hall next to the main office. I need to talk to you.'

Yoongi shook his head as he sighed at the unknown message that was send from his phone. It was clear to him that it was just Jihye's plan to do this and him was mad at himself for being too careless around her.


An incoming call from Hobi.
Tiredly, Yoongi swipe across the screen to answer his call.

"Hyung! Where are you?"
"You make me worry sick!"
"Even your girlfriend is looking for you!"
"If you're going somewhere then at least leave us a word, hyung."

Yoongi was bombard with all off Bts's whining and complaining. He doesn't even want to explain to them what happened though because the first thing that come to his head was to ask Hoseok about his cousin's whereabout.

"Hobi, can you tell me where Joohee is?"

"Why hyung, she doesn't want to see you." Bts fall to silence, questioning why the two is having this conversation.

"You know where she is don't you?" Yoongi sighed.
"Just tell me already."

Hobi was taken aback at his hyung's depressed and exhausted voice.
"She left Seoul."

"WHAT?!" Yoongi suddenly feel so awake now. He quickly stood up on his feet.

"Where is she exactly??" He shouted in the phone. It voice made the other members jumped on the other line.

"I can't tell you." Hobi said with no emotion.
"I'm sorry but I can't let you see her. She suffer enough, hyung."

"WHERE IS SHE?" Yoongi shouted again. His knuckles turning white from his tight fist.

"Leave her alone, hyung." The tone in Hobi's voice did not change.
"I can't talk to you right now, class is starting."



"Aishhh!" Yoongi angrily punched the wall nearby. He scratched the back of his hand and there might be some bleeding but he couldn't feel the pain because a bigger, more merciless amount of pain from her sudden departure have taken over him.

Without wasting any single second, Yoongi bolted out of the apartment and find the quickest way to get to school. He needs to know where she is and he would do any to get that answer from Hoseok.

When he had arrived at school, Yoongi had immediately headed towards the place where Bts usually hang out. His eyes never focusing on other people who he kept on bumping into on the way. What he wanted to do right now was to confront Hobi.

"Yoongi!" Jihye grabbed a hold on his arm once again, but this time with much more force making sure that he can't run away.

"Jihye I don't have time for you right now!" Yoongi scowled.

"Please baby, I'm sorry." She bury her face in his chest.
"I was wrong, forgive me already."

Yoongi impatiently stared at the girl. His heartbeat no longer races for her. There was absolutely no feelings left. Not in his eyes. Not in his mind. And definitely not in his heart.

"Let's break up." He stated and her arms detached itself from him, making it easier to push her off.

"Yoongi..." Jihye bit her lower lips while gazing at him with hateful eyes.
"You asshole, it's because of that bitch isn't it! You son of a b*tch, you wanted to downgrade that bad?!"

"Not just because of her but because I realize my feelings for you disappeared even before we dated." Yoongi emotionlessly replied.
"And a warn you before, don't ever call her by that word. It's only suitable for someone like you."

"From now on, don't bother me anymore." With that, Yoongi began running again, leaving behind the speechless girl by herself.

Joohee doesn't know that she just made a lazy guy like Yoongi, run like an Olympic athlete since yesterday. He kept running to find Hoseok, ignoring all the breathless or exhaustion that he felt.


"Oh hyung!" Bts was stunted to see their hyung sweating and out of breath.
By the look of it, Jimin can tell there's something going with Yoongi and his feelings.

"Where's Joohee?" Yoongi asked, almost pleaded.

"I don't know." Hobi lied with a straight face.

"Tell me where she is." Yoongi panted in between the words.

"Yah Hobi, just tell him already." Bts told Hobi as they as themselves why he refuses to tell Yoongi.

"I told you I don't know." Hobi was indifferent even after he witness his breathless hyung.

"Where," Yoongi grabbed Hobi's collar, making the other guys dropped their jaws.
"Is she?"

"Hyung, let go! Let's talk this out." Jungkook uses his strength to remove Yoongi's grip from the collar.

"Don't fight hyung, she's in Gwangju!" Namjoon answered.

Of course Yoongi know she is in Gwangju, what other place could she go outside of Seoul? He needs to know where exactly is she in Gwangju.

"Tell me the address." Yoongi sternly told Hobi.

"Try grabbing my collar again," Hoseok give him a look before walking away.
"To see if I will tell you."


"Hey stob it, Yoongi! What is wrong with you?" Jin pulled the guy back, preventing him from following Hobi and making a scene at school.

"Do you guys know her address?" Yoongi is very desperate at this point.

"No...." They shake their heads in unison.

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