15. The Date

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"I'm bored!! Let's hang out right now, yeah?" Jin sunbae asked the group as we walk outside the school's entrance.

"We should go get samgyeopsal, I'm drooling just thinking of it!" Hobi suggested. Relatable

"But.... I want lamb skewers." Jungkook heavily sighed.

"Suga hyung will buy it for you." Namjoon told the younger one.

"He can't, that hyung is not gonna come with us." Jimin stated.
"He left early cuz he said he was busy."

"Oh yeah, he have a date with Jihye noona." Taehyung added.
Jihye, getting tired of hearing this name.

"Ahh, good for that hyung. But I felt bad for the girls who like him." Jimin said as he look at me with a grin. Aish this guy.

"They're probably so jealous right now, right Joohee?" Jimin wrap his arm around my shoulder in a teasing manner.

"What girls are you talking about, nobody except us know that he's on a date." I responded.

"Um, what about you?" Jimin whispered in my ear.

Tch, why would I be jealous? Good for those two that they're on a date but I don't really care!


"Ah~ that movie was nice!" Jihye exclaimed when we walk out of the theater. Honestly, it was so boring I almost fell asleep.

"Yoongi-ah!" Jihye  grabbed on to my arm with her hands.
"Should we go eat next?"

"Sure." I nodded.
"What do you want to eat, noona?"

"You know you should stop calling my noona. Just call my Jihye, it's okay." She smile warmly. So adorable

"Oh, alright Jihye." I'm not use to this at all.

"Good! Shall we go eat jajangmyeon then?"

Jajangmyeon? Tsk, my neighbor really like that dish hehe.

"Let's go!" Jihye suddenly intertwined her hand with mine, which totally throw me off guard.

"Why do you look so shock?" She chuckled.
"Is it because your heart is fluttering?~"

My heart?

"It's getting dark, we should go Jihye."
This feeling..... isn't right at all.

"Ah, I forgot to ask you about something." Jihye said as we casually walk to the nearby restaurant.
"The girl that offer you water the same time as me... who is she?"

"You mean Joohee? She's my friend's cousin." And my pabo neighbor.

"Oh really?" Jihye slightly frown.
"She was kinda odd. Who offer someone water then drink it the last minute?"

"She's not normal." Just like her cousin.
"But why are you asking about her?

"Nothing." She avoid my eye contact.
"Just thought she's weird."

"Be honest with me, if she didn't drink it then which water would you choose? Mine or hers?" She stared at me with a strong gaze.

Who would I choose?
I don't know...


Yoongi, what's with the hesitation?


"AHHHH!!!" Joohee rolled back and forth on the bed for the last hour.
"I'm soooo bored!!"

"Ughh why is it so quiet over there?!" She urgently stood up and dash outside.

"....... he's not home yet." She sighed, looking at her neighbor's locked door.

Her legs give up and she end up sitting down with her door wide open as she continue to stare at the apartment next to hers. It's been a long time that she felt this alone and she doesn't like the feeling at all.

"I wonder how the date is going." Joohee rest her head on the doorframe.
"Maybe one of them confess and they're dating?!"

*No way! That's too soon, I'm not ready for that!*

"Tsk, who am I to be ready or not? What is wrong with you Joohee." She muttered to herself.

"I told you that if you get drunk again then I won't let you inside." Yoongi smirked as he lean on the wall next to her with his arms crossed.

"Oh sunbae?" She instantly jolted upward.
"No, I'm not drunk!"

"Then what are you doing on the ground talking to yourself?" He chuckled.
"You could sometimes be really interesting you know that?"

".... I just want some fresh air. Ah and how's your date?" Joohee asked.

"It was nice." Yoongi simply answered.

"Really?" There's many question that she wanted to ask about the date. She was curious of what they did and if anything surprising happened. However, Yoongi look tired and a bit lost so she decided to keep those questions to herself.

"You should go rest. You look tired." Joohee told the older guy.

"Umh, goodnight Joohee." Yoongi force a smile. Indeed he was tired and lost. Even though things do really smoothly today, there's just something that seems wrong to him.

*Maybe I'm just overthink it* Yoongi told himself as he open the door.
*I have feelings for Jihye and that's that."

"Goodnight sunbae!" She wave to him

"I will!" Yoongi responded.
"You go in first."

"Okay, I guess I'll see you tomorrow." Joohee wanted to stare at him a little more before returning to her apartment.

"See ya!" Was the last thing she heard as the door closes.

Joohee put her right hand over her heart and feel its fast beating.

"Heart..... you're being weird again."


This person got me ded 💀😂

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This person got me ded 💀😂

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