8. Surprise

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Arghhhhhh time for a break~
I shut the laptop after I finish typing and save half of my research essay.

Man, living alone sucks. There's no one to talk to and my mom is not here to make food either. Sad life.

Talking about food make me feel hungry all of a sudden. Hum, I wonder if I should order something or just eat ramen at home.


Min Yoongi~

I stood on both of my feet and dash out of my room. It's 5:00 p.m right now, I wonder what's he doing.

I wore a pair of slippers before going over to visit my neighbor.
Is he even home?
I pressed my ear against his door and I could hear some rustling inside.
Maybe I should go back...... I don't want to annoy him.

I guess I'll just order food from a restaurant nearby-

Wohhh, that smelllll~~~~

I pressed myself against his door again and I was able to picked up some noise that sounds like he is cooking.
Wot, I didn't know he can cook!

Before I can knew it, my body act on its own and I knocked on the door. Shiet, why am I so shameless.

"Hey neighbor! Are you ther-"
I forgot I was still leaning on his door and it suddenly open. My face almost became one with the floor damn.

"Hum, I wonder why you're here." Suga crossed his arms with a spatula on one of his hand.
It's almost like he knows I was gonna come over.

"I uh....... Just want to tell you the next tip to win a girl's heart-"

"You want food, don't you?" Suga cockily asked. God dammit

"Yeah.... hehe" I nervously laugh.
"But I also wanted to give you an advice!"

"Uhum, sure you do." Suga rolled his eyes and move aside.
"Just come in."


"Wow~ What are you making?" Joohee asked as she sat in the kitchen countertop

"Maeun-Tang (spicy fish stew)" Suga went back to being immerse in his cooking. He is a type of person to hate letting people beside Bts or his family inside his apartment but Joohee is also an exception. Beside, eating alone is pretty lonely.

*He looks really handsome in that apron* Joohee quietly observed

*He looks really handsome in that apron* Joohee quietly observed

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