24. Feelings

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"You have feelings for him, don't you?"

This words keep echoing in Yoongi's head. He heard Jihye's voice asking Joohee before he open his door. But what makes him want to go crazy was he doesn't know what the answer is.
Actually, he have a guess of what the answer was base on what Jihye said next.

"Ah so that's why you want to be so close to him!"

"Did she perhaps said yes?" Yoongi talked to himself, wondering if it's true.
"No way. There's just no way she felt that way toward me."

He badly wanted to know the answer. For the first time ever, Yoongi is so impatient and determined to find out something.

"Joohee-ah..." Yoongi asked in concern when he spotted Joohee walk out of the elevator and toward their apartments. She looked tired, dead, and haggard like she have already giving up on life.

Just by the tone of his voice, Joohee could tell how worried he was. In order to push that feeling off of her, she forced herself to stand up straight and staring at anywhere else except him.

"If you're planning to talk about what happened in the morning then don't." Talking about Jihye only remind her of how Yoongi is already taken and how she's the disturbance to their relationship by being his neighbor.

"No, I wasn't planning to talk about that." Yoongi said in the quietest voice.

"I was just wondering if it's true that..... you have feelings for me." Yoongi straightforwardly stated.

At that, in split second, her whole frame frozen on the spot with her eyes widen. Startled, Joohee felt her heart leaped to her throat when she realized what Yoongi just asked. She swallowed, couldn't believe what she just hear coming out of his lips.

*It sounds like he already know.*

"I'm sorry." Joohee bit her lower lips.
"I know it's wrong and that it's not suppose to happen but.... it did. I do see you as more than just a friend."

Her answer turn Yoongi speechless. Leaving him questioning how he did not know this earlier.
A moment of silence fall as a thick blanket of awkwardness embracing the two.

"But I'll get over these feelings for you soon. So don't worry about me."
Joohee was embarrassed, so embarrassed to the point that she just wanted to burst and cry her heart out now that he knows about her feelings.

Her eyes was red and watery but she hold on to those tears with all the strength she have left. She doesn't want to look like a burden in front of Yoongi who cries because he doesn't return her feelings. She didn't want to look broken in front of him. Most importantly, she doesn't want his pity.

The quietness let the two sink in to their own thoughts.

Yoongi was lost in his own complicated feelings once again. His heart yearns for her, it wanted to tell her that she shouldn't stop her feelings for him. However, he knows that it would do selfish of him since he have Jihye be his side.

Yoongi is confused, he's not sure about his own feelings. But he hope that he will figure it out soon before he lost the one he truly loves.

Joohee couldn't sleep. Normally, she could sleep after hitting the bed in a mere minute, but now, the minutes turned to hours and she still couldn't find the drowsiness to bring her to slumber. Instead, she can only staring up at the plain ceiling in the dim room restlessly. Her eyes were wide awake, big and alert.

Her mind traces back to what happened hours ago. The image of Yoongi looking down and concern after she confessed her feelings.
"He must feel so uncomfortable because of me."

If only she knows about the sleepless boy on the other if the wall also staying up thinking about her. But unlike her, he hasn't realize his feelings yet.

Without looking, her hands reached for the phone which was sitting on the nightstand. Her blurry vision from the tears giving her a hard time trying to find Hobi's name on the contact list.

Joohee tiredly press dial and her cousin picked up the phone almost instantly.

"Is there anything I can help you with, Joohee??" Joohee let out a little chuckle at how her cousin can sense that something is wrong.

"Yeah...... he found out I like him." Joohee sighed.

"Did he say anything?" He asked on the other line.

"No, nothing. However, I think he pity me a lot." Joohee's heart dropped.
"I don't want to face him anymore. I don't think I can handle seeing him."

"Okay, I'll tell him to stay away from you!"

"What? No! Hobi it's not his fault that I like him, it's my fault, so why is he the one to stay away?" Joohee stated.

"So what do you want me to do?" He sincerely want to help.

"Holiday break is coming in a few days. I'm thinking of leaving to Gwangju early and hopefully by the end of the break I can finally move on." Joohee told him.
"So if you want me to give your parents anything then give it to me tomorrow."

"Okay." He nodded on the other side.
"Hope you have fun on the trip, Joohee."


Sorry for the long wait and a boring update guys 🙄

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