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Jihee, Taekwon, and Yoonho is bacc on popular demand!!
Y'all ready for some love trianglessss?

"Wow~" Taekwon smiles as he throw his backpack on the desk that was next to Yoonho's before sitting beside him.
"We're in the same class again!"

"Great." Yoonho answered sarcastically before leaning back on his chair and putting his hands in his pockets.

"Oh my gawd." A group of girls exclaimed.
"I'm in the same class with Taekwon and Yoonho?? This is going to be the best school year ever!!!"

"Hey, stop frowning!" Taekwon nugde the other guy's arm.
"I know you're happy that your best friend is here~"

"Nah." Yoonho simply replied. I'll be happier if she was here.

"Oh my.... NO WAY!" Taekwon suddenly yelped and it catches Yoonho's attention too.

"We're in the same class??!" Both boys' head turn toward the door to spot Jihee smiling widely in her high school uniform.

"Jihee!" Taekwon's and Yoonho's eyes instantly sparkled.

"Hello~" Jihee approached them.

"Yah! Move so Jihee can sit there!" Yoonho quickly turn and whisper to Taekwon.

"That's my line! Move so Jihee can sit next to me!" Taekwon retorted.

"I was here first! You move!"

"So what? Jihee likes me better!"

"You brat-"

"Are you guys okay?" Jihee chuckled as she end up sitting in front of Yoonho and across from Taekwon.

"Yeah." Yoonho calmly replied before sending a quick smirk at Taekwon.

"I can't believe I get to spend the last year of high school together with my childhood friends!" Jihee said.

"Ha ha ha yup." Taekwon and Yoonho let out a forced chuckle at the word friends.
"Me too."

"Oh Jihee." Taekwon called.
"I was gonna ask did you do your summer assignments?"

"Tch, of course she did. It's Jihee." Yoonho spat.
"Maybe you don't know her as well as I thought."

"I wasn't asking you. Min. Yoon. Ho." Taekwon fake a smile before pulling out the homework packets.
"Anyway Jihee, can you help me with this question?"

"Yeah, of course!" Jihee nodded her head.
"Which one?"

"This one!" Taekwon pointed to a question and Jihee struggles to lean closer to take a look.

"Oh man, how can you help me when you're so far away." Taekwon lowkey smirked.
"Looks like the generous Min Yoonho have to change seat with Jihee so she can help me."

"What?! You litt-"

"Yeah Yoonho, my eyesight is a bit bad." Jihee pouted and it immediately soften his heart.

"Ugh fine." Yoonho sighed in defeat before standing up to change seats with Jihee.

"What a nice guy~" Taekwon teases with a victorious smile.
"And Jihee... this question right here."

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