27. Jimin

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Yoongi plopped himself on his sofa after he returned home from school. His apartment was quiet, in this silent atmosphere he could hear rapid thumping in his ears, pounding relentlessly.

"But I'll get over these feelings for you soon. So don't worry about me."

He remember the words that she told him a few days back. The guy who have no fear is now scared of one sentence coming out of Joohee's lips.

She's gone now.
But he doesn't know where she is or when she will come back.

His eyes begin to blurred with his heartbroken tears. Yoongi's fingers reached up to his cheeks and his eyes flickered in shock when he noticed how wet they were. It was the tears of a broken heart.

Yoongi hate himself for not realizing his feelings for her sooner. He hate that he only figure it out when she's out of sight. If only he was a day earlier, just one more day earlier.
He doesn't know what to do now. With the absence of Joohee and late realization of his own feelings drove him insane.


Yoongi quickly wiped his tears with the back of his hand before answering.
"It's not locked."

He hold on to a hope, a small hope that Joohee will magically appear through that door. But it was immediately crushed with the presence of Jimin.

"Hyung...." Jimin felt bad for the guy. He noticed the red eyes and hair that is all over the place. His hyung look like a hot mess right now.

"Why are you are here?" Yoongi asked, still laying down on the sofa in the same position.

"To satisfy my curiosity." Jimin sat on the other sofa, across from the older one.


"That maybe you have feelings for Joohee." Jimin lean back in a comfortable position.

"It's not a 'maybe', but I do." He answer tiredly.

"Tch, you only figure that out now?" Jimin slightly scoff at how dense his hyung can get.

"Yeah, it's late isn't it?" His hyung sighed in a defeated manner.

"Actually you know what hyung? I can text her right now and get her address for you."

"I tried to reach her, Jimin. But she won't reply any of my text." Yoongi told the younger one.

"I don't know about you hyung but Joohee always reply to me. We're pretty close you know." Jimin stated.

"Close?" Yoongi's brows furrowed. He realize that Jimin is right, while he and Jihye was dating, Yoongi would look at Joohee only to find Jimin beside her.
Don't tell me there's something between those two. Yoongi can't help but feel suspicious.

"You're jealous." Jimin smirked. He knows it's not the time but he find it entertaining to tease his hyung. Especially Yoongi hyung who's difficult to tease.

"I'm going to kick you out of my house." Yoongi spat while giving Jimin a dead glare.

"Chill, hyung." He chuckled.
"We're just friends."

Silence settle down between those two as Jimin watches his hyung tiredly resting with his eyes closed. The quietness go one for another minute until Jimin asked, "You want to see her don't you?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"Then tell me what would you do if you come face to face with her?" Jimin asked.

"Jimin, I'm tired. Let's not talk about this." Yoongi sighed. All he was is to sleep and drown away the sadness.

"Just tell me and trust me, I can help."

Yoongi let out another sigh.
"I would tell her how I feel of course."

"Aish this hyung, always slow with everything. Even your own feelings." Jimin took out a small note from his pocket.

"Here, it's her address." He slide the note over and Jimin's words give Yoongi a source of energy in which he quickly sat up.

"How do you know about her address??" Yoongi hold on to the note as if his life depend on it.

"Tch, I'm the first one who figure out that Joohee likes you." Jimin stated.
"She told me everything. Including this address."

"You brat, why didn't you tell me earlier?" Yoongi scolded.

"Hyung, Joohee and Hobi would've kill me!" He answered.
"And beside, what's fun in that? Seeing you suffer is more interesting."

Yoongi send a glare to him before going back to looking at the note. He tried to remember it just in case it got lost or Jimin decided to change his mind.

"Don't tell Hobi hyung about this." Jimin demanded.

"I won't." Yoongi asnswered with his eyes still glue to the piece of paper.

"I hope you won't hold grudge against that hyung, he was just trying to help his cousin."

"I know." Yoongi stood up on his two feet as he stride over to the sofa that Jimin sat on. His hand lifted and settle on Jimin's head, ruffling his hair as he let out a playful laugh.
"Aigoo, our Jimin is such a good dongsaeng!"

"Aish this hyung, I'm not a kid!" Jimin brushed off his hyung's hand while scowling.

"Ah, and when are you leaving?" The younger guy asked.


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