13. Basketball

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"I.can't.concentrate." I cried for the last hour in the library.

The midterm is coming up and we are suppose to study but there is so many commotion in here. Nobody told me Bts can be this loud and also, the place is full with girls who only wanted to come and stare at Jin taking selfies

"Jungkook, focus!" Rapmon whined in frustration
"You need to do good on the next English midterm."

"Pardon?" Jungkook stopped playing sword fighting with Hobi using rulers. He pouted before putting the ruler down and get tutored by Namjoon

"Hey you wanna play with me-"

"Don't even ask." I quickly answered and Hobi give me a look before asking Jimin to play with him.

"Hey." I jolted a little bit when Yoongi finally lifted his face off the table
"How long was I been asleep?"

"I thought you were dead." I told him.
"You slept for an hour."

"Ah, that was refreshing. Time to study." Yoongi yawn, straighten himself up and took out some notebooks in his backpack.

"Oh you're already on question 17?" Tae asked me before opening his notebook and scribble something down.

"What?!" I blinked a few times before looking at Taehyung who's obviously copying my answers.

"Hey, that's cheating!" I tried to cover my own notebook with my arms. Honestly I have no problem sharing answers with Tae but right now I just want to tease him.
"I'll tell the professor this!"

"Please~ I'm too lazy to solve it." Taehyung smile innocently as he grabbed both of my wrists and try to lift it away. Shiet he's strong.

"No, let go!"

"I'll treat you something." He showed a square smile with his hands still on my wrists.

"Yah! Don't touch her!" Someone throw an eraser toward Taehyung's head and the whole table look at thrower.


"Ow hyung! What was that?" Taehyung furrows his eyebrows, looking at his older hyung.

"Do your own work." Is it me or... Yoongi look very angry just now.

"You're weird hyung, I cheated in front of you all the time but you're only saying that now."
Taehyung pouted.
"So bipolar."

Yoongi didn't say anything, instead he let out a heavy sigh and went back to studying.

What's up with the sudden attitude toward Tae?

"I'm almost done with my homework!"

"Hey guys, then what should we do when we finish studying?" Namjoon asked the group but only a few are paying attention.

"The basketball court is still open." Suga answered.


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