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"Where are you...." Joohee pouted as her eye scan around the street for any sign of her boyfriend. Sadly, there isn't.

Joohee dolled herself up today with a designer dress, heels, simple accessories, and even wear makeup because today's dinner isn't just any ordinary dinner, it's a celebration of their 3 year anniversary.

She sighed again, wondering if Yoongi stood her up or not. Or maybe he have some business to do and have to stay over time for the sake of the company. Joohee continue to wait in front of the high-end restaurant that he already made a reservation for.

Cautiously approaching from behind, Yoongi gently wrap his slender arms around her swaist only to brighten the redness scattering around in her rosy cheeks.

"I'm sooooo sorry~" Yoongi whispered purposefully speaking close against the curve of her neck before placing a peck on it.
"There was traffic on the way."

It was unbelievable how after a long time of dating, he still had these effects on her as if it was their first day. Everything he does, even a small actions or gestures impact her greatly. He was her weakness. Her heart was that weak and vulnerable towards him.

"It's alright." Joohee replied.

Yoongi's arms left her waist while he step a step back then smiled and briefly glanced down at her outfit. His smile naturally widened at her effort to look great for this dinner because that means she must've look forward to it like he did.

"Oww." He grimaced in pain while holding on to his heart.

"Why? What happen? Are you hurt anywhere?" She quickly turn around with concern look on her face.

"No.... you're just too adorable it hurts!" He continues with his acting.

"Gosh!" She nudged on his shoulder as her cheek grew crimson red.
"Don't joke like that."

She give him a look but then she notices something else. He was wearing a tuxedo in which she don't know of it's designer or not but it looks expensive and luxurious on him. It goes so well with him that he looks more of a celebrity then her ordinary lazy boyfriend.

"And you look really handsome, like always." Joohee sincerely complimented.

Instead of say thank you, Yoongi have his other ways. He swooped in, pecking her lips like it was the most normal thing to do.
"Shall we go in now?"

"Happy 3 years!" They clink their glass of whiskey together before pulling back and take a small sip of the drink.

They're in their private room of the restaurant now and the room was decorated with roses and dimmed lights, creating a romantic atmosphere.

"I can't believe it, time pass so fast." Yoongi commented as he cuts the piece of steak using a fork and knife.

"Yeah..." She chuckled while whirling the strings of spaghetti with her fork.
"Remember when we first eat together? It was coconut chicken right?"

"Of course, you told me you were craving because Jungkook remind you of it." Yoongi smiled widely.

"Honestly I think that was the first time that you treat me nicely. You were such a jerk."

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