2. Neighbor

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I walk out of my apartment and it looks like Suga is still sleeping since it was very quiet in his apartment. I'm pretty sure Jimin slept over last night and who the heck knows what happened in there.

I found it weird how Hoseok didn't talk about this to me.... is it suppose to be a secret between Bts members? Hold on..... is the other members also..... Aish why do I care so much.

I take a stroll to my university as my mind travel back to Suga again. To think about it, he's very good looking. This is so unfair! Why is so many hot guys turn out to be taken or gay?!

"Oh, lady I think you drop.......this." I turned around and my eyes almost popped out of my sockets.


We made an awkward eye contact which seems like forever. Also like me, he look shocked too. His eyes was widen as if he was shooked.

"Ah.... thank you." I took the keychain from his hand awkwardly and all he did was nod.

Greatttt, now we have to walk in awkwardness to school together. Thanks god it's only 8 minutes away.

I continue to walk ahead and the atmosphere was so quiet that all I could hear was our footsteps.

Boi, this 8 minutes is going to be longer than I thought.


"Hey!" I waved my hand in front of the girl.
"Snap out of it."

"Oh, sorry." She slightly shake her head.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Just..... stuff." Joohee give me an odd look

"What stuff?!"

"Oppa, is there something going on between Jimin and Yoongi?"

"Umh..... they're pretty close. They have a good sunbae-hoobae relationship." I replied.

"You don't have to hide, I already know about it." She stated.
"Are they......"

"Brothers? Nope!" I answered but she doesn't look satisfied.

"Ah, so you don't know about it." She whisper to herself.
"It's a secret between those two."

"Why are you so interested in those two, do you like them?" Not surprise if she does.

"Hell naw." She quickly replied.
"I mean I do like them, but as a friend."

"Anyway oppa, do you see those girls over there?!" She pointed to the group of fangirls nearby.

"Can you wave and greet them for me?" She batted her eyes and pleaded.


"They said they will buy me dinner if you do it." She sweetly smiled.

"You're using me for food again." I playfully roll my eyes.

"Oppa! Back in Gwangju you told me to say hi to your friends all the time so they can buy you stuff." She said
"Now it's your turn."

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