12. Reward

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Well, I took a test today and I'm pretty sure I failed that ish. I think to myself as I walk out of the elevator. I mean at least I don't have any homework for today.

"Hi neighbor!" I was greeted by the one and only Min Yoongi who was leaning against my door. That's a first

"Wassup?" I take out my key and ready to open the door.

"Guess what?"

"You're actually gay with Jimin?!" I joked.

"Yah!" He flicked my forehead. Ouchh
"I'm being serious."

"Dammit, I actually ship you guys.... anyway what happened?" I asked.

"I......" Suga smiled joyfully.
"Got her number!"

"Woh, really?" I'm not surprise for some reason.

"Are you free today?" I open the door and he follow me inside.

"Why? Are you gonna take me out to eat as a reward?!" Hell yeahhh

"Yup, you deserve it." He make himself comfortable on the sofa.

"Then let's go!" I throw my backpack aside and pull him up from his seat.

"Wait- right now?"

"Duh, I just got home from school, I'm hungry!"


"You said you wanted to go eat." Yoongi crossed his arm with a sullen attitude on his face.
"Why are we in the grocery store?"

"I want to eat the food that you cook." I pull the cart toward him.
"Here, go buy the ingredients that you need to make jajangmyeon (black bean noodle)"

"But I'm lazy, gosh I could just buy that for you right now!" Yoongi whole heartedly insisted.

"There's no feelings in that! I helped you so much with my advice." I countered.
"Now go buy the ingredients for my noodles!"

"What feelings? Is spending my money not enough?" He rolled his eyes.

"Nope." I shake my head.
"Pleaseee~ I'll pull the cart for you!"

"Ugh." Yoongi sigh in defeat.
"Let's go."
He walked ahead while I struggle following him with the cart.


"This pickle looks good." She grab and observe the container.
"Do we need it?"

"Joohee, who put pickle in their jajangmyeon?" He sighed.

"....... I would."

"Ew." He frown and took the jar out of her hand and put it back.
"What is wrong with you."

"Joohee. Don't." Suga whined for the hundredth times.

"Argh...." She put the bag of chips back where it belong.
"Why though."

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